Can You Breed A Dog On The 1st Heat?


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My question is why did God make it possible for the female dogs to get pregnant on their first heat if they should not be allowed to. Is this really a "no no" or is it just one of those things that man came along with and decided to coordinate or control about nature. I mean they are NOT teenage girls and though we love our pets they ARE dogs.(animals) They have not always been domesticated and probably did not have people controlling their mating 100's of years ago, yet here they are still exsisting.Shouldn't they be extinct or something? Just like lions , tigers, zebras , and all the other animals that roam Gods green earth and go into heat on their first cycle they mate and have babies and they are fine. I do however believe that you should spay/neuter your pet to avoid puppies you don't want the responsibility for . I say if the dogs want to mate let them or get them fixed and then you won't have to worry about this issue period. People have forgotten that these animals were here on earth doing what mother nature intended for them to do way before we stuck a leash on them and called them are pets. You should watch animal planet people! Amazingly their are no breeders in the safari and if a young momma coyote can raise her pups in the wildlife with predators trying to eat them or having to hunt food for their survival , then I'm sure a 1 year old german shepard can survive giving birth in house where they'll be catered to and given every thing they need by humans. You may not agree but I'm just keeping it real.
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It really is a no no for health reasons not to mention ethics and responsible breeding. Not a lot of space in comment boxes. :-) Almost all of our domestic dogs did not occur in the wild at all (decended from the wolf yes, vastly different, YES even body chemistry is different) as you are referring to them and are a result of selective breeding yes, hundreds and even thousands of years back so yes, it was controlled .
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That also means that no, they weren't actully doing such before we got involved as most breeds weren't in existance until humans decided to make pets. Our dogs DO live longer though since we know more, like not to breed that soon and why. There are health concerns, major ones for Dam and pups in the situation you describe. Further that by them not being mature enough to know whether or not they are sound breeding animals.
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They can't have been evaluated for health issues yet in most cases that they may genetically pass on to pups (pairing can factor, even with sound dogs) creating a life time (short or long) of health problems and heartbreak and maybe pain. There are MANYlegitimate and proven reasons why breeding too early (minimum breeding age is usually 2 years old) is considered unethical and irresponsible.
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You can, but you shouldn't! The dog is too young and not fully developed yet. Once the female goes into heat for the first time, she can still get pregnant. If that happens, it would be very dangerous for your dog. A dog should not be bred until it's at least 2 years old,  and only if you are experienced,  it's had testing done and you are doing it to better the breed. If your puppy does happen to get pregnant and has complications during whelping (delivery) and you don't know exactly what you are doing, and how to assist the mother and her puppies during a complication, your female and her puppies can die!It would be like a 10 year old having a baby! I used to breed Chihuahuas! Before I started breeding I studied breeding for years and had everything memorized on what I have to do! In all the time I was breeding and helping my females during whelping, I never lost a female and I never lost any of the puppies. That's only because I knew exactly, step by step, what to look out for and how to assist my females. You really should have your dog Spayed. It's a 24/7 job and when breeding is done the way it's supposed to be, it gets expensive. Vet visits are Mandatory! Make sure that you keep your female as far away from males, that are not Neutered. Her heat will last approximately 3 weeks,  she will go into heat approximately every 6 months and males will do anything they can to get to your female, when she is in heat to mate with her. Please don't allow her to get pregnant, when she is still a baby herself!This is a picture of my first litter of Chihuahuas years ago! From the bottom to the top, Gigi, Casper and Lucy!
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yes.  In the wild all animals bred when they come into season. Female dogs in a pack may be driven away by the older dominate female and other males would break out of the pack to follow the female that is in season. The Male dog sticks by the female at least 2 weeks before the young female comes into season. The females can also tell that the young female is coming into her season so they will drive the young female away before she comes into full heat. Females will fight to the death and dominance is enhanced with the onset of conception.

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You can but it is not recommend. Its like a woman with her first years. Its not mature enough
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In the wild, canines live in packs... (eg. Wolves, hyenas).  In these packs, only the alpha male and female are allowed to breed a have offspring.  They can only become an alpha after maturity, long after their first year and first heat.  Therefore, they are not meant to breed on their first heat.  Not breeding a dog on her first heat, is not because we as humans want "control" as you say.  It is fact, that doing so is dangerous, and proven to be so, when many dogs end up dead or in critical care from these mistakes.

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