My Dog Puts His Butt In The Air Why? It Looks Like His Stretching But He Does This A Lot.


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  • Why does my dog put his butt in the air?

This is a sign that your dog is submitting to you and that you are the master. This is similar to when a dog rolls over onto their back. Showing their belly is a sign of vulnerability and that you are in charge. This is a good sign as it means your dog realizes they should take orders from you.

It is also a sign that your dog is ready to play. It is a playful stance as though they are ready to pounce on a toy. You should engage in a game with your dog because this is what they want. There is also the possibility that your dog simply is stretching. If you are worried about this action, speak to your vet.

  • My dog stretches a lot

If your dog seems to stretch a lot it would suggest that they feel as though they have too much energy in their muscles and feel the need to stretch them out. It is often a sign of boredom and they need to release some tension. Take your dog for more regular walks or runs to burn off some energy and see if this makes a difference to the stretching action.

Dogs should be walked at least twice a day and you may find that more energetic breeds require more exercise. Many people do not exercise their dogs enough and this is very cruel.

If you find you do not have much time to walk your dog you should take them somewhere they can run off the lead and play a game to use up their energy or you will find they become bored, frustrated and unhappy.
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My Dog dose the same thing. I think it is just stretching. We have taken her to the vet for regular check ups and nothing is wrong with her. Just to ease your mind you can take her the vet.
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He could need his anal glands squeezed.
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That is a dog's play mode. He is telling you he wants to play.
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Your dog, if not fixed is more likely to be in heat, or wanting to mate. This is his way of displaying his parts to attract a member of the opposite sex
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It could be to strech out or some dogs like odd things my dog loves to sleep direclty on his back with his belly in the air
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That means he's ready to play

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