My Dog Was Thought To Have Addison's Disease And Was Treated For It. He Died That Night. Tests For It Came Back Negative The Next Day. Any Thoughts Of What Was Wrong With Him?


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The doc could have missdiagnosed the problem, unfortunately that happens. I just wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss. We all get close to our pets and they become family sorry to say the court system doesn't see it that way. An autopsy is your best bet, like the other person said, to find out why and it should determine who's fault and how it was caused.
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See dear dogs  belongs to canidae family and in all members of canidae
family any injections or any iv fluid is given very cautiously giving fluid
directly in vains  is generally avoided unless the situation is very critical
as  they can die because of stress second ally it is very difficult to tackle internal bleeding in canidae family instead sub-cut is opted by most of vets I think your vet had given IV fluids and colloids directly into vains  and your dog died either because of shock death or because of internal bleeding these are two primary reason of your dog death  whatever may be reason sorry about your companion 
You could have an autopsy done if you intend on bringing forth a lawsuit, however,  pets are considered as personal property {like a computer} thus you may only be awarded the cost of what you had paid for your dog {without appreciation nor depreciation}.  I am truly very sorry dear.  and you may not be awarded punitive damages nor damages for pain, suffering nor emotional distress either.  I know it sucks!!!  ♥nassy
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nas is correct sweety!!! 100%!!!! i am so sorry for your loss!!!!! you need to have an autopsy done to see what has happened!!!! best wishes to you!!!!

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