My Dog Has Just Developed A Large Lump In His Neck Within A Day. What Could It Be?


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There are a variety of things that the lump could be. It could be a cyst, an allergic reaction, or even cancer. Cancer doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Many people try to rule out cancer because it happened so quickly, but there are fast acting cancers, so it’s important to make a trip to the vet as soon as possible. There is treatment available.

When you take the dog to the vet, they will do a biopsy, where a needle is injected and a sample is taken.

Depending upon the facilities of the vet clinic, they may be able to run the tests there or send them out for the results. When the tests come back, they will be able to identify the problem and get the dog on treatment.

Depending upon what it is, there are various measures to be taken. It could simply require draining with a needle. It might need surgery, where they cut it away. The lump could also require a pill to be digested orally or a topical cream to be spread over top of it for a few days. In a worst case scenario, the lump could be something much worse and the dog may have to be put to sleep because it is too far along, but that should be addressed once the vet makes the call. Until then, it’s a matter of waiting for a diagnosis.

In order to be sure, you will need to take your dog to the local veterinary clinic to be sure. There’s no sense getting too excited or worried about it until you get confirmation from the vet that it is something to be concerned with. They will then tell you the next steps to take.
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All types of lumps in dogs can not be diagnosed properly without physical and microscopic examinations because there can be many types of canine lumps or bumps. These lumps can be lipomas, hematomas, abscess, hives, sebaceous cysts, warts, infected hair follicles and cancerous. Although lumps in dogs are usually non cancerous but chances are there.

In dogs most usually lumps are lipomas which are non painful, soft, rounded fatty growths. These lipomas are usually present under the skin and don't cause any problem but can cause discomfort when increased in size or due to location. These lipomas usually don't require treatment but surgery can be performed if their size is large and creating some problems.

Cancerous growths can be malignant or benign. Malignant growths can spread to other parts of the body and benign growths are confined to one location. So, Any lump or bump in the dogs should be evaluated by vet before start of any treatment.
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I don't think it is cancer because cancer would not form that quickly. It might be a cyst which I think is more likely. It also could be an abscess but I think it would be more painful. Take it to the vet and see what he thinks. I think it will be okay. Don't let the answer above panic you. Wait till you talk to the vet. But I can't of anything you can do at home to treat it until you know for sure what it is.
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Lump on any part of body should be taken seriously and it should be properly diagnosed through different pathological  tests you should contact your there are lot of possibilities a fatty tumor, which is not dangerous, lymphoma which is a type of
cancer, or maybe just a bug bite-if it is a bite it will go down in a
day or so.An experienced vet will probably be able to narrow the possibilities
with just an exam, and then you can go from there. Good luck, I'll be
thinking about you and wishing you the best.
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You would have to ask your vet. You didn't mention any specifics or where it is but could be an infection or abscess from something like a small puncture (such as after vaccinations or during play) or a bite. Could be  lymph nodes indicating infection or could be a sign of something like lymphoma (and can come and go) or other things. Your vet would have a better idea and what can or should be done after taking a look and talking to you. Hope it's nothing much.
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Our dog has several lumps, we took her to the vet and was told it was just fatty tissue. Shes very old. I wouldn't recommend you guessing but to take the dog to the vet, in case its something serious.
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Our Golden Retriever as well as my Mom's Golden when they passed 12 y/o. I was extremely worried, but our vet explained the same thing, that they were just fatty tissue. Some of them were small and hard, some soft, most you could only feel them, not see them. I pray that the OP's dog's tumor was benign. God Bless
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Just noticed that this was from 2011. Oops
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Swelling with liquid can be either due to reaction of being bitten by some insect, or worse, may have injured herself.  Swelling is bruising, so there are white cells heading there to try to fight off whatever is causing this.  Get you dog checked out when possible.
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It could be cancer. That's what our old dog use to have. About the size of a gulf ball. It's serious. 5/10 dogs die every year because of cancer. I would call your vet ASAP. I hope that's not what your dog is, and if I is I hope he/she gets better. Thanks for reading, hope it helped.
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Considering you asked this question at the same time and of two different dogs of two different breeds and two different ages and in the same place the question is actually what did you inject them with recently most likely (are you even sure it was a sub q injectable). The fact that it is both and in the same spot and the spot itself indicates that they recently were injected with something. Either there was something wrong with whatever you injected (expired or not kept properly and is very common with penn by the way if not kept in correct temp or certain brands), or something went wrong in general (like infection or cross contamination or using the same needle or something). You need to see your vet so they can determine if it is a major or minor issue and what needs to be done about it. In the meantime you can try warm compresses and monitor any changes (for the vet) but you will need to tell your vet what you did so they can fix it and if it was a medication what you were attempting to give it for so they can make sure it's even indicated. It can also happen from playing rough together and there being a small puncture that got infected but that's usually ONE of the dogs involved and no matter what you need to see your vet.
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This may be a cyst or just extra skin. Some dogs seem to have extra skin where it is needed. Especially the neck when you consider that most dog attacks they go straight for the neck. If it is not causing discomfort, I would not worry. But, if it becomes painful to the touch, have the animal checked out by the vet. There may be water, bruising gathering there, and may have to be drained or given antibiotics

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