What Are The Symptoms Of A Female Dog In Heat? How Can You Make Them Comfortable?


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She is only a little physically uncomfortable, and there is not much you can do about it. Her hormones are driving her to be restless and seek out a male. At 8 months she is far too young for motherhood. When her heat is over, leave it for about 3 months, then get her spayed so neither of you will have to worry about this again.
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It's easier to spot a larger breed in heat then a small breed such as a Yorkie. There's no mistaking the heat cycle. You'll notice spotting of blood and gradually your female back end will begin to swell a little more every day until she's ready to mate which isn't until the 10th or 11th day of her period. Your dog will stay in heat for about 28 days after which her state will start returning to normal as will yours... Remember, male dogs can find a female in heat from miles away, literally!
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I thought they only stayed in heat three weeks! That's what I have always been told. And your so right about male dogs can find a female in heat from miles away.. Just like human males can find females in heat miles away. Lol
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My nine month old jack russell is having her first season she is very swollen and feeling the urge to try and urinate a lot
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My 4yr old yorkie is in heat Do dogs get cramps and for how long
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When my small dog is in heat her pee pee gets swollen and has a dry blood ring around it.. N as for being comfortable she will do that on her own.. Just watch out she will get blood on couch's sheets.. Etc..

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