Can a dog get pregnant when she is not in heat?


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Yes that's when the are most likely fertile.
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No. Their season has to do with ovulation and they don't have a monthly cycle like we do. Have your dogs bred?
After a litter they usually go back into another season around the time they normally would, so if they are every 5 or 6 months it is usually around 5 or 6 months after the last one when they would have gotten pregnant and the pups are around 3 or 4 months of age. The timing may be a little off due to hormones though so you must watch close because you wouldn't want them to carry another litter again so soon before they have a chance to fully recover. If there was an accident you would want to speak to your vet about preventing another pregnancy.
If there is some sort of underlying hormonal issue going on or other underlying cause or problem their seasons may be closer together or further apart than normal and is something that is to be watched for in an unaltered female. Too frequent or infrequent is something to be discussed with the vet and can often be a signal that something isn't right.
Something like an infection may also be confused for a season and also pregnancy as the signs may be similar at first. Males may also confuse the scent of infection for the scent of her being in season on occasion and can sometimes be a good indicator to discuss the situation with the vet if they aren't or shouldn't be in season at that time. Uterine infection are particular concerns with an unaltered female or one that has whelped recently and should be closely monitored for. Much better to catch something like that in the earlier stages and before a life threatening emergency results when you can. Have you gone to the vet yet? Hope yoru baby girl is okay.
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No, she can't get pregnant .
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Yes,that happened to my dog about three months ago she had stopped bleeding so I let her out and along came the sausage king and what happened she had pups

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