Can You Breed Dogs With The Same Dad But Not Out Of The Same Litter?


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What if the dog your breeding has no genetic problems? Line breeding if very common in all american pure bred dogs breed
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Julii Brainard answered
It's a bad idea because genetic problems are more likely to show up in the offspring, as well as subsequent generations. Genetic problems from inbreeding already plagues most pure-breeds, so if you bred together two pure-bred dogs with a common parent it's like signing up for guaranteed trouble.

Ideally dogs, like people shouldn't breed if they are more closely related than second cousins (same great-grandparents). Anything closer and you're asking for genetic problems.
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No its not a good idea. They would be half brother and sister, can you imagine two people having children if they were half brother and sister? The puppies could have some serious biological problems both mental and physical.

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