Could You Breed A Female Dog To A Male Dog That Have The Same Father But Not The Same Mother?


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You "can"... You shouldn't... Brothers and sisters (even half) should never be bred to one another.. It weakens the genetic possibilities... And leads to mentally and physically inferior offspring.
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Dlll is right...just imagine having a boy and a girl with the same father having a baby. That's generally joked with by human standards as a hillbilly sort of joke for a reason! Inbreeding can cause serious genetic weakness and illness. Every species I know of purposely avoids it in nature (The brothers leave the pack to avoid breeding with sisters, etc.) because it can destroy the offspring. Now it might not, but is it really worth the risk? Find a healthy, unrelated male.
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Having the same father or the same mother really means having one parent the same which makes the offspring half siblings. Though half sibs. Have half of the genetic likenesses of full sibs, it is still a bad idea to breed from half siblings because they have a 25 per cent  chance of having inherited the same bad recessive gene (50 per cent in full sibs.) then the chance is high of abnormalities in the offspring.
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It isn't a good idea to breed dogs from the same family line, look at the British Bulldog they have been bred from the same families for years and now all have problems breathing.
Your bitch could have problems while pregnant and her pups can be born deformed.
You should find a suitable male which is a pure breed with official documents.

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