What is a good way to scare your dog?


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I don't now why it would be good to scare you'r dog but I'm guessing you want to scare the dog when the dog does something that is not allowed, then you can scream at it with a high voice and make angry gestures. But indeed this is a weird question.
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What ?  Why on earth would you want to ?  Are you sure you should even have a pet .?  I don't think you should be allowed near your dog .
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Allison Lee
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No you dont get it! I just said it because she is so still she never gets scared! I dont mean it in a mean way! What type of person would want to do that!
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Scaring yoor dog will only make him (or her) feel uncomfortable around you, so you shouldnt do it.
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Hahahah I hide around the bedroom corner. She freaks out and runs around all crazy lol
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There isn't really any 'good' way to scare a dog but attempting to is a great way to get bit. It's poor handling, poor doggy etiquitte and could cause some damage to your relationship with your dog if you do things like that. If your dog doesn't startle easily it's usually considered a good thing.

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