Can A Dog Successfuly Breed With A Fox?


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The answer is no. Dog and fox are both from the Candid species and chromosomally different to co-mix for offspring. Dogs have 78 chromosomes, but red foxes have only 38 chromosomes so they can't be a match.
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Actually they can, it is rare but have experienced it. Being a husky breeder. A fox got into a kennel and bred with a bitch husky and now I have 4 dox pups, half fox half husky. They are however rabid so I'll probably have to have them destroyed, but just to let you know, yes it is possible.
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They sure can. Got a 8 month old foxier. Its half yorkshire terrier and half fox. Got it from a farm near me. A fox got into the kennel when the little bitch was in heat.
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I am a fox, my dad is a dog. My mum is a rabbit. I live quite happily without any form of rabies, herpies or any other disease.

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