What are Symptoms Of Spider Bites In Dogs And What To Do Afterwards?


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There are three species of spider that threaten a canine's health and well being - the hobo spider, the recluse spider and the black widow. All symptoms experienced by dogs tend to be the same as those in humans. It also depends where you live because different types of spider live in different parts of the world. Generally, the hotter the climate, the deadlier the spider. Both the recluse spider and the black widow can be found worldwide.

What Causes The Threat To Health?

Neurotoxin venom is found in black widow spiders and targets the nervous synapses. The dog will experience prolonged involuntary muscle cramping and rapid, shallow breathing. The recluse and hobo spider's have necrotic venom which destroys tissue and cellular structure. Bites caused by necrotic venom are easy to spot. They are itchy, red and bleed irregularly. A cyst will form surrounded by a white ring with a blue center.

How Should I Treat My Dog?

To treat a dog who is unfortunate enough to have been bitten by a venomous spider, place an ice pack on the bite as soon as you can. If it is too late then it would be wise to visit the vet. Here your dog will be prescribed a muscle relaxant (for black widow spider bites) or anti-inflammatory corticosteroids to stop tissue destruction. To reduce swelling and itching, allergy medicine such as diphenhydramine may be administered. Antivenins, usually used on humans, can also be effective in treating spider bites - but always consult your vet before doing so.

Last but not least, it is important that you comfort your dog and keep him or her calm.

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Common spider bites don't have serous impact in dogs. But some poisonous spiders like black widow and brown recluse can cause complications. Swelling of the bite site is major feature of spider bite in dogs. Black widow spider bite in dogs can cause

  1. Paralysis
  2. Seizures
  3. Drooling
  4. Pain
  5. Spasm
  6. Joint aches
  7. Vomiting
  8. Increased thirst
  9. Lethargy

Common spider bites in dogs can be self treated or can be managed by taking antihistamine. Black widow and brown recluse spider bites are medical emergency and need vet visit immediately.

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Spider bites typically cause a local irritation that can be mild (small, red, lump) or severe.  The severity of reaction depends on the individual dog and the type of spider.  Black widows and brown recluses are a few that can cause a very severe, local reaction where the skin actually dies and sloughs off, these are very painful and get secondarily infected. 
Spider bites usually do not cause dogs sharp, immediate pain, and will not cause them to stop eating and drinking.  My concern is that your puppy suffered some kind of trauma to the leg, this resulted in the swelling, and pain-which can cause fever and anorexia.
Have your dog examined by a veterinarian to assess the lump, rule out a fracture and treat any secondary dehydration or hypoglycemia.
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Your dog can have very different reactions, try to give it Benadryl it will help with the reaction.

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