What Are The End Stage Symptoms Of Lymphoma In Dogs?


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I'm not a vet, just a dog-mom who is loosing her battle with lymphoma.  Kay-Oss, a bullmastiff was diagnosed in Feb, '09 with lymphoma.  Since this was an accidental finding, we decided to undergo chemotherapy with her.  We were lucky enough to obtain remission for a very short time after 20 weeks of chemo.  One month later, in August, '09, the lymphoma was back.  Despite the opportunity to further carry on chemo treatments, we decided to just love her, and do everything we could to make her time with us the best we can.  I took her to a holistic vet in Little Falls, NJ in September, and we started on remedies.  I also added Maitake Mushroom extract to her regimen.  Despite all my efforts to reverse her prognosis, she has taken a turn for the worse this past week.  She has not eaten anything since Sunday (today now Wednesday), but continues to drink water.  Her energy level is substantially lower, however I was fortunate enough to watch her chase a cat out of our backyard yesterday.  She has diarrhea, mostly bile-like.  She has been having this for about a month now.  She did vomit twice Sunday night while I was out.  Her personality is still the same, lovable, perfect dog I have loved for 9 and a half years, so we keep going.  Her strength and persistence has been unbelievable, and I admire her for hanging tough through all the trips to the vet, the pokes and prods of chemo, tests, blood work, ultrasounds, and her patience with my vitamin regimen I have put her through.  This is all the information I have for you right now, as this is an evolving process for me, and a painful one at that.  I wish you luck in finding out additional information.....

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