What Are Symptoms Of Arthritis In Dogs Back Legs?


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Inflammation of the joints is called arthritis. In dogs, arthritis can be due to many reasons. There are many types of arthritis that can affect dogs like

   1. Osteoarthritis
   2. Immune mediated arthritis
   3. Infective arthritis
   4. Arthritis of unknown cause

Some of the common causes of arthritis in dogs are given below but final diagnosis is made by vets after many laboratory and radiological tests.

   1. Traumatic injury
   2. Over weight
   3. Bone developmental disorder
   4. Aging

Symptoms of arthritis in dogs are

   1. Lack of interest in walk
   2. Reluctant to climb stair
   3. Lameness in one or more limbs
   4. Swelling in joints
   5. Pain in joints
   6. Joint stiffness in morning
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