How Can I Get The Mother To Forget Losing A Pup?


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Death is ultimate. Everyone has to die sooner or later. No one can extend his/her life. It is God's will and now your pup can't come back. You should now say such sympathetic words to make her feel better.

Coming to your second question, you should advice her by giving her examples. Make her realize the importance of every pup. Tell her if she will feed only one then the other will die soon. She needs to maintain a balance. Everyone needs care and attention. You can give her the example of a plant. If you do not give the plant appropriate light and water then he will die soon. I hope she would pay attention to your advice.
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Well you might have to make her take care of the puppy one of my cats started doing that to her kittens so i would literally hold her down and make her feed the babies and if she won't clean it this will sound nasty but animals tongues are warm right? Well if she won't clean the puppy to make it use the bathroom that means you will have to and all you gotta do is get a warm washrag and hold it there until they use the bathroom. I know disgusting but you gotta do what ya gotta do to keep the baby healthy.
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Thank you. She is now feeding the remaining pup, but continues to sniff around the house for the other puppy.

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