How can I change my dog into human?


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Ray Ottewell answered
You have got to do the hokas pokas, it goes like this. Doggy doggy on all fours, stand up strait and change those you have hands and feet,You are a human walking down the street.
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Miss White answered
You should find the poor thing a new home if you want it to turn into a human!  I am sorry but dogs are WAY better than people anyway!  They never lie to you, or purposefully hurt you, and they ALWAYS listen, and never tell your secrets!

There is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners!  A dog that attacks, bites, chews people things up, jumps on people, potties in the house, or any of those things has been TAUGHT that it is ok to do so.  Yes puppies do a lot of those things, but they are PUPPIES, you teach them not to, and they don't.
It is just like children, when they are babies, they just do their business, when they get older you teach them to use the toilet, and they do.  When they are little they ruin things, and slap, and yell, and do rude things in general, you teach them not to, and they grow up good, nice people!
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joan saviour answered
Talk to him in Gibberish
Minahil Meher Profile
Minahil Meher answered
Kiss it!!!!! Only a kiss can break such a spell =P
Duane Bryant Profile
Duane Bryant answered
The more time you spend with an animal and the more you teach it the more meaningful communication and understanding you will both have of each other.
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Janey answered
Get Harry Potter to perform a transfiguration spell on your dog to change him into human form.

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