What Are The Symptoms Of Male Dogs In Heat?


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Mounting, anxiousness, movement and excitement are all symptoms of male dogs in heat. The urge for dogs to reproduce can become quite strong and this is because or their natural instinct for survival. In early months, sexual drives are absent in male puppies and then begin to surge during puberty and early adulthood. Where female dogs experience heat at certain time periods, male dogs will experience this all year long.
Because male dogs experience excitement throughout the year, one symptom is when they substitute against sexual frustration. For example, your dog may consider a person a mate and try to mate with you. Your dog may also mistakenly mount another male dog as well. This is all done through the act of mounting and is just a way for male dogs to try to satisfy their urges. If you fall victim as a substitute to its desires then it is often useful to show your dog a toy to play with to move him away.
Another symptom of a dog in heat is indication that it is excited by a female dog nearby. You will be able to tell that it has sensed the female by watching it lift it’s head up often to smell something. Often it’s teeth with chatter at the scent and it might look into the distance after something. In this case, the chemical reaction is quite strong and you should hold tight onto its leash, since it is common for your dog to excitedly dart towards the female smell.
Beware of springtime months when males are particularly excited. You may notice that your dog is overly anxious and restless to get near to a female dog. This includes jumping over fencing or running out of your front door when you aren’t looking. It may also whine and complain sorrowfully.
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My dog is very itchy, won't sleep at night, running around excitedly... It's annoying sometimes when I'm trying to sleep.. Should I be concerned?
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My male dog ism constantly whining and seems to be in this normal?
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Male dogs don't go into heat however they go crazy when they smell a female in heat and they are always ready to make babys. If you also have a female watch for when she goes int heat because the male will try  to get her pregnant.if you don't want pups watch for your females but to become swollen and blood on the floor or her bed possibly yours.
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My dog is not eating or drinking.  He is just lying around doing nothing. I walk him he is ok but when he gets in house he just goes back to lying down.  What should I do?

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Whenever your male comes in contact with a female that is in heat he will act like he has no brains,you will know when it happens.
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I have a male Chinese Crested who has been trying to have sex with our very large Black Lab who has been fixed for years. But we do have a female cat that is in heat. Can her scent be the issue for our male dog to go after a dog who has been fixed. He doesn't bother the cat, but leave our female dog alone. What should I do?

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