What Can I Give My Dog For Gas Problem?


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ray of light answered
You should switch to a high quality dog food at once. Low or medium quality products cause gas trouble in dogs. Plus add about 1 tsp yogurt in her diet. It will help her digest the food easily and reduce the gas problem. Moreover, add probiotics or digestive enzymes to her diet. They are also good to cure the gas. Don't feed her with high protein diet.
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Definitely change to an organic or vet recommended food! My dog was off her vet prescribed diet and on (I won't name it) popular dog food for less than 24 hours and I couldn't sleep in the same room with her!!!! Also some pet stores have things gas, but I'd call and ask the vet tech what they recommend to use until you can change her food over.
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David Howell answered
You could try Alternagel (white liquid, available at most drug stores)
If you give your dog milk, stop, as this will give a dog gas. They don't digest it very well.
Note: My dog is 11 Lbs. & I give him 2 ml twice a day using a plastic syringe. You can probably get a syringe in the infant aisle at your local drug store or from a Vet. Also Alternagel was recommended by our Vet.
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Eating certain things.

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