Can I Give My Dog Dulcolax For Constipation?


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No , you had better not do that.
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I would call my vet no matter what in case there are any signs there is anything seriously wrong that you might be complicating (like a foreign object causing blockage). They will also know the dosage better and what may or may not be okay based on your dogs medical history. This can usually be done over the phone. Many medicines for us are extremely toxic to our dogs and only given with careful consideration of all the factors. Some safer things I might try once they say it's okay are canned pumpkin in the food (it's a little weird in that it can help for both) and some mineral oil and have your vet tell you how much for your individual dog. Call them because most of the time your vet will do it over the phone if they believe there is little risk or another problem involved.
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I actually did take my dog to the vet a couple of weeks ago, and she claimed the dog was "talking" to her. She said her stool felt soft, and that she wasn't constipated, but being the military medic that I am, I went home and felt it for myself and it seemed firm to me. I may try an enema instead.
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Those do help. She's not going at all? Talking to her? Does that mean her stomach?
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All better now?

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