My Dog Steps In Gasoline, What Should I Do?


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helen baillie-gutteridge Profile
Wash off any petroleum product with soap and water as soon as possible, as it is caustic. Even though you washed them she probably has some degree of chemical burn. You have done the right thing in preventing her from licking them, as a burnt tongue or gullet would be miserable for her. Keep checking them, and redress them daily. If she takes off the bandages you may need to put her in one of those plastic funnel hoods to stop her from licking them.
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Rena Chisholm answered
I have heard through the years that a dog has certain enzymes in their mouths that have healing properties. But I don't know if this is so. Since you washed the gas off of her paws thoroughly, it may be a good idea to let air get to them. Keeping them bandaged up, could cause a moist, damp environment for bacteria to grow and cause infection. Remember, animals are different from humans. Let her lick her paws but if she starts to chew at them then you may need to take her to the vet. She will know her limits on getting around with sore paws and will probably just lay around for a few days until they have healed, but if she is not better in a couple of days, maybe you should take her to the vet..

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