Why Is My Dog's Stomach Tight And Bloated?


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Bloat in dogs is life threatening condition in which stomach become filled with gases after eating and can become twisted. This condition can lead to death if not treated on time. Symptoms of bloat are
  1. Restlessness
  2. Pacing
  3. Drooling
  4. Foamy vomiting.
Bloat can be diagnosed with the help of blood test. Canine bloat is medical emergency and requires vet visit immediately. So, take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis and accurate treatment.
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If your dog is also showing other signs of illnesses like restlessness, pacing, drooling, foamy vomiting, unproductive vomiting, laying down on belly, loss of appetite, lethargy, curling up in ball, red or white gums etc then he might be having canine bloat in which stomach become filled with gases after eating. This condition can put pressure on other organs and abdominal veins and stomach can be twisted. This condition can lead to death if not treated on time.

Bloat can be diagnosed with the help of blood test. Canine bloat is medical emergency and requires vet visit immediately. If your dog is eating drinking and playing well then no need to be worried.
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When your dog is bloated, he/she can show some signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms can be
  1. Unproductive vomiting or foamy vomiting
  2. Drooling
  3. Restlessness and pacing
Bloat in dogs can have life threatening consequences if not treated on time because this condition can put extra pressure on the abdominal organ due to filling of gases in the stomach during eating. This can result in to twisting of stomach that is very dangerous condition. So, if your dog is bloated then immediately get vet help.
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Have your dog examined by a veterinarian immediately.  GDV (gastric dilatation and volvulus) or bloat can be a life-threatening emergency.  What happens is the stomach feels with air then twists on itself strangulating vessels.  This lead to tissue death and shock and is an emergency.
Other things that can cause a dilated stomach are tumors, internal bleeding, or fluid in the abdomen. 
Your veterinarian will do a thorough exam and then imaging--ultrasound or x-rays--will need to be done.
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Stomach of the dogs is usually bloated due to foods and their feeding habits. Many foods like dry foods and all those foods that can cause irritations in the GI tract can cause bloated stomach. Different feeding habits of dogs like overeating and eating rapidly can cause this condition. Some psychological problems like anxiety and nervous conditions can also cause bloated stomach. If this condition is continued for more than 24 hours then visit to vet is necessary.
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The boating in dog is the problem which require immediate attention from the Vit. According to one report, the bloating is second highest killer problem of dog after cancer. The causes of stomach bloating are
  1. Stress
  2. Eating habits
  3. Exercise before and after eating
  4. Physical structure like old and big dogs
  5. heredity.
So I advise you to visit a vit for proper diagnosis and treatment. For more details, visit Bloating in Dogs.
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You should probably take her/him to the vet
my dog once at seafood by mistake and we took her to the vet
they game her like 1 or 2 shots then in like a few days she was fine
just do that and your dog will be better in no time at all!
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Bloat in dogs can take life if not treated on time. This condition occurs when gas is filled in the stomach after eating. This condition puts pressure on surrounding organs and veins leading to twisting of stomach. There are no known reasons of bloat in dogs. Following are some factors that can play their role in the development of bloat in dogs.

1. Rapid eating
2. Over eating
3. Nervousness
4. Stress
5. Dry foods
6. All other foods which can cause irritation in GI tract

Treatment of canine bloat may include decompression of stomach and IV fluids. In my opinion, if your dog is bloated then take him to vet immediately.
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My dog has a tumour and it has erupted causing leaking of fluid and blood, he is still eating albeit a little, drinking water, weeing but a very little, pooin g like diarohea. What should we do, we have had him to the vet and they said its only a metter of time this was 1 week ago what should we do, the dog does not look like its any pain .
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Well my experience with the same thing your going through  was with my grandmothers dog done the exact same thing  and she took her to the vet and she had heart worms  so I would suggest you take  him to the vet  good luck and best wishes.
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I would take my dog to the vet ASAP.  You don't know what he might have eaten.
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My dog is coughing up small amounts of blood, has loss of appettite, weight loss, stool looks normal eats and drinks but not very much, seems wobbly when gets up more in rear end area.
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There is no real way to know unless you take it to a vet. It could have ate too much. But I would still see a vet.

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