Why Won't My Dog Eat And Her Stomach Is Making Loud Gurgle Noises?


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The symptoms you've mentioned sound as though your dog has a stomach ache. If they refrain from eating for a day or so then there should be no serious problems however, if it continues for a long period of time then you should contact a vet.
The gurgling that you can hear from your dog's belly is a sign of an intestinal problem. You may also want to look out for other symptoms such as restlessness, whining, growling or a lot of gas. If your pooch is suffering from gastrointestinal problems then they may experience constipation, vomiting and diarrhea. Spots of blood will also appear in feces if your dog is suffering from this. Minimal cases of diarrhea are quite common in dogs, which are known as colitis. If you believe your dog is dealing with colitis then it is likely it was brought on by stress, allergies, separation anxiety, worms and bacterial infections. Also, ingesting the wrong foods such as grapes, fish or chocolate could cause such problems. When this happens, swelling will put pressure on the walls of the gastrointestinal organs which can ultimately cause a build-up of feces and gas that result in constipation and the gurgling noises you are hearing.
In order to rid your dog of their stomach problems you should perhaps withhold food for 24 to 48 hours. This is particularly important if your dog is suffering from colitis or gastritis. The reason this is advised is because it should rid the substance that is being contained inside your pet's stomach. If you are concerned that your dog may be experiencing something more serious such as poisoning then you should contact a vet as soon as you can.
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My dog has the same problem.. It doesn't happen often.

Her stomach will start making gurgling noises (loudly) and she will stop eating (not for long usually a few hours) but her bowels are normal, and no parasites, so I have to agree with the upset stomach part and once it passes they will go pack to normal.

Lemongrass I hear this is wonderful for dogs and upset stomachs, grass in general as well helps them. 

From what I understand it is common in her breed to overeat at times and it causes this achy belly.. But if it persists for more than a day or two I would definitely seek professional help, or if symptoms get worse.

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You need to seek help from your vet for the dog the best to you, you know the dog can live not eating....
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Worms absalutly worms don't know what kind so get a vet
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She might have a liver problem but you can make her throw up all that liquid in her stomach but don't let her drink a lot of water . She might be committing sew aside when drinking water so much

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