What Can I Do For My Dog's Bad Breath? And Does Dog's Bad Breath Mean The Dog Has Heath Problems?


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Make sure he doesn't have any bad teeth, if he doesn't dog bones are good to help clean them.you can brush them. It could be the food he is eating. I feed my dogs purina puppy and dog food and they don't really have a problem that's too bad. There is even dog bones for dogs with bad breath. Avoid soft canned food. Good luck!♥
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There are many conditions which can cause increase in thirst and bad smell in breath of dogs. When dog has bad breath and increased thirst together then chronic kidney failure can be suspected.

Some breeds of dogs are more prone to have chronic kidney failure. There are many reasons of chronic kidney failure in dogs like ischemia, infections, inflammatory diseases, toxins, problem in immune system and cancer.

You should take your dog to vet for differential diagnosis and most accurate treatment.

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Bad breath is commonly a sign of periodontal disease.  If you lift up your dog's lip and look at all the teeth and see a lot of brown, hard material caked to the tooth--this is dental tarter.  Dental tarter is bacteria mineralized to the tooth.  Dental tarter can lead to bad breath.  The worst places for tarter are the canine teeth (big teeth in the front) and the fourth premolar (biggest tooth in the back on the top jaw); this is because the salivary ducts drain here.
If the periodontal disease is bad enough the gum line may be receding and the root of the tooth may become abscessed.  When a tooth is abscessed the tooth often becomes loose, the tooth is very painful, and sometimes you will see pus draining from the tooth.
There are a few other causes of bad breath in pets but periodontal disease is the most common--present in ~80% of dogs by the time they are 3-4 years of age.
Once the tarter is present or there are abscessed teeth home care will not solve the problem.  The dog needs a dental cleaning and teeth extracted if they are abscessed.  Dogs go under general anesthesia then the tarter is removed, the teeth are scaled and polished just like at our dentist.  If there are any problem teeth your veterinarian will assess the tooth and treat it appropriately.
Hope this helps!

Ann Falk, DVM
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I use a product called The Pet Beverage. I just add it to my puppy's water and within a week, she did not smell anymore. I ran out and noticed the smell even came back so I keep using it. It helps the bad breath and body odors! You should try it!www.adbio.com
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It could be the dog has a bad tooth. Should be checked out.yocan buy a toothpaste at a pet store and only the pet store our tooth paste will kill them.

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