What Can I Feed A Dog That Is Nursing Puppies?


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She will need extra nourishment while she is nursing, so you should feed her a high quality puppy food.   Purina ProPlan is a decent-quality pet food that is extremely affordable.  However, Eukanuba brand puppy food is also great.  And either one of these foods will be great for making a "puppy gruel" when you are ready to start weaning them - you can make the gruel using a 1/3 high quality puppy food, 1/3 hot water, and 1/3 canned puppy milk and blending to the consistency of canned sausage (yuck).

Tip: If you feed her a lamb and rice formula (for puppies), it will reduce the amount of gas she has (if that's even a problem for you).  My rotti had horrendous FREQUENT gas after her first litter.

Good luck with your new pups!

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