My Hamster Is Building A Nest And Looks Slightly Fatter, Could She Be Pregnant?


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Your hamster could be pregnant by building a big nest ,sleeping Lot ,and not going to his wheel that much if she does get pregnant and giving birth then do NOT touch the babies because if you do before two weeks the the mother will not smell her sent on the baby so she will eat em.
Good luck on your breading hamster
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Could be false pregnancy too, it happens to a lot of rodents, it happens to rabbits a lot. I have seen a lot of hamsters that do it too, even males can go through false pregnancies (I have seen a male rabbit do this) just keep a good eye on her and take the male out of the cage.
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Absolutely ive read about them and thats what they do!
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My hamster is getting a tiny bit fatter each day , is hoarding loads of food and barely eating it , she stays in her hidey house all the time and doesnt come out at night , she nibbles my fingers and bites me when I put my hand into the cage , and is more aggresive than normal . Is she pregnant ?
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If you have a male and female together get him out. We had a female hamster get pregnant the day after giving birth. We had 7 babies and 19 days later 8 more.
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Well my hamster keeps moving all its sawdust and bedding over to one corner what does this mean ?
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Most probably . . . I`ve heard in one article that pregnant hamsters hoards food beneath its nest and they would sleep more then usual. They become more aggresive because the hamster wants to protect its young. So it is most likely pregnant. Good luck :)
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Definitely. Especially if you have a male in the cage, too. Hamsters breed like rabbits (as the saying goes). She will continue to get preggo over and over again unless you separate your males and females.
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My hamster does the same thing and her stomach is starting to bulge i got her 6 days ago and while we were their there was a boy and a girl mating in the same cage as her so i think my hamster could be pregnant too. I am hoping she is pregnant even tho my mom doesnt want her to be she made 3 nests
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Most likely she is.. Has their been a male around her.. If she is you will soon find out.. They only stay pregnant for 20 days at the most..

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