My Dog Is 57 Days Pregnant ( I Think) She Was Acting Very Uncomfortable At 6:30 Am I Took Her Temp Rectally At 7:30 Am It Was 98.7. I Touched Her Belly And You Can Feel Movement Ever So Slightly. Could She Be Ready To Have The Pups Already?


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Reduction in rectal temperature below 100 F is one sign of labor in dogs. Other signs of labor can be
  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Agitation
  3. Nesting behavior
  4. Restlessness and pacing
After start of these signs, dogs can have true labor after 6-48 hours. When true labor will start, your dog will start to shake because of labor pain. She will also strain to deliver puppies. After delivery of first puppy, she will have a rest that can be of 2 hours. During this period, she will lick her puppy. Labor cal last for 6-24 hours before first puppy is born. Each resting period is followed by straining and delivery of puppy and this whole process will be repeated again and again until complete litter is born. It will be good to get help from vet for whelping.
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YES! Congratulations your dog is in labor! When a dogs temp drops at the end of pregnancy, you can expect pups withing 24 hours! Be ready for a long night! Hope everything goes GREAT!

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