Is Tripe Good For Dogs?


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Dogs benefit from tripe as it contains a number of nutrients. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids, enzymes, phytonutrients and probiotics.

It is considered perfect for dogs; even though the term tripe in some places is used to refer to waste matter. In fact it is made from the stomach lining of animals, especially bovines. The only known disadvantage of tripe is that stinks to high heaven. The reason for the unpleasant ordour is that sometimes waste matter in the form of left over food may still remain in the animals' stomach. This may seem unpleasant and disgusting to humans but is a delicacy amongst dogs. The most common type used in dog food is green tripe. It is called so due to a high proportion of chlorophyll it contains.

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I have fed my dos for 26 years and have never been to a vet .
There coats are in top condition and have enjoyed a long life.
All there puppys have been healthy and have gone on to tripe within 4 weeks.
Peter Kay. Birmingham.
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Hi , my boyfriends dog loves tripe , but has he is sumwhat overweight we were doing a search regarding tripe to see if this was doing him any good as he is also a very fussy eater. After reading your article we have found a lot of very interesting and useful info Thankyou from here in Birmingham, UK Regards Angie & Mel
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Yes instant nutrients
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Green tripe is good enough to feed mother-in-laws.
Serve it well done with a bit of chilli sauce.
She wouldn't be back to bother you again !
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I would not feed tripe to a pup.  Feeding tripe mixed in with a good dry food is very good for the dog.

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