My Jack Russell Is 8 Weeks Pregnant But I Cant Feel Any Pups..her Stomach Is Quite Hard But She Hasn't Really Gained Weight..she Has Started To Scratch On My Sofa Though Asif Shes Trying To Nest..could She Not Be Pregnant?


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Pregnancy in dog's is generally counted by day's from the first tie. Average gestation is 59 to 63 days though can be a little sooner (like 57) or a little later (70 and you should call your vet to discuss and are at higher risk of needing assistance or c-section).  An ultrasound or x-ray (as this is done day 45 or later a blood test may be done earlier to confirm pregnancy) is done at the appropriate time to confirm and check for potential problems.  If you haven't had confirmation from your vet there is a possibility that the pregnancy is false or that the signs of a uterine infection are being mistaken for pregnancy. Not all dog's show very much and sometimes movement is also difficult to detect until right up until it's time. After confirmation, you begin taking temperature (rectal) at the appropriate time and when it drops to around 98 you will have pups soon or if not in 24 hour's there's a problem and you need to call your vet.  Good luck.
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Ok, first is WHY has she not been checked by the vet? Just like prenatal care with us is important, it is also with dogs, cats etc. Are you just thinking she may be because you saw her tied with a male or just  shooting for straws? Either way, it doesn't sound like you know much bout birthing pups or anything about there pregnancy at all, like, oh gestation time, diet for a pregnant/lactating bitch etc. So take her to  your vet Some small dogs can no safely deliver vaginally and must have a section. Or can deliver vaginally but really need to have someone there or available in case of problems!!
If any questions let me know.

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She might be pregnant but just not showing any signs yet just wait a few days or take her to the vet.

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