Can A Female Hamster Give Birth Without Mating?


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NO,, if you want your hamster to av babies do a FEMALE  and a MALE then put them both in the same cage...
First let them get to  like each other by letting them av fun together
after they know 1 another they might decide to have babies remember the female as the babies not the male"!!
I hope I av helped you??xx
I wish you the look to av some knew little hamster babies xx
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A mating needs to occur for a female hamster to become pregnant and give birth. It is possible this hamster was pregnant when you got her from the pet store. Seek veterinary medical attention if her abdomen is distended and there is no possibility of pregnancy.
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No, In order for a hamster to have babies it must be mated.First buy two hamsters.They should be the same breed.Put them in the same cage and let them play.As they get to like each other, they will soon have babies.
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Its Big no

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