How Many Times Can My Hamster Get Pregnant?


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A hamster can safely get pregnant around 4-5 times during its life cycle, although it's more common for hamsters to only have 1-2 litters.

How many times do hamsters get pregnant?
The answer to this question really depends on your hamster.

Some hamsters don't get pregnant at all, whilst others have quite a few litters in their lifetime.

The thing to consider is that hamsters only live for around 2-3 years and, when they give birth, their litter can consist of up to a dozen babies. That's a lot of births to deal with!

Usually, after a litter or two, a female will get tired and lose interest in giving birth again.

A female's interaction with male hamsters can also have an effect on how many litters are born. Females who are constantly sharing a cage with a male are more likely to fall pregnant several times, which is not always to the benefit of the hamster's health.

That's why, if your hamster has already given birth a couple of times, it will often be recommended to separate her from the male.

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