Why Wont My Hamster Make A Nest? She Prefers To Sleep In Her Tube Instead, But If I Let Her Do That She Wont Drink Or Eat Or Move From There. Is There Anything I Can Do To Convince Her To Build A Nest?


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Emily Maynard answered
You should let your hamster choose where she/he wants to sleep. But to encourage my hamster to sleep in its bed I put bedding around its cage for her/him to pick up and then wherever you want her/him to sleep I put a couple of treats or toys so it will spend more time there and hopefuly get to like it. But different hamsters like different things so don't get worried. :)
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My hamsters have always slept in their house but after I cleaned them this morning they have moved their bedding into their tube and have slept all day but I don't know why?
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Maybe it wants a house. Mine will make himself at home. Anyway, one day when he has NOT got fresh food yet try to hide it under the bedding. When he tries to dig he will eat the food, after that put him in the hole that he or she made itself!!! XD LOL good luck

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