I Thought My Rabbit Was Pregnant Cause She Started Making A Nest And Pulling Her Fur Out But After Almost A Week Their Was No Babies So I Took Her To The Vet And He Said She Most Likely Wasnt Pregnant But If She Was She Would Only Be Having 1 But?


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Female rabbits usually have false prgnancys, they make nests and rip out their fur, they sometimes even bring their hay and bedding from their cage into their nests, it's normal don't worry, they just think their pregnant, if your rabbit hasn't been near any male rabbits you have nothing to worry about!
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Well... If your rabbit has made 2 nests then thats probly because something has disturbed it original nest and the most important thing is that if your rabbit hasent gave birth within 35 days she will not be pregnant this is called a false pregnancy it happens with female rabbits, first they pull there furr out and then the start to rip up newspaper so it might be good to put some newspaper somewhere she can FIND it and look for it herself and so she can rip it up herself :)
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If she hasn't gave birth within 35 days of mating then it is most likely she is not pregnant

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