Is It Normal For My Dog To Leak Green Fluid Whilst Pushing Out Her Puppies?


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There is a green fluid leaking from my pregnant dog - what is it?

It's normal for green fluid to be present whilst your dog is giving birth, as the fluid is as a result of the puppies being separated from the uterine wall. Usually, this fluid comes out just before the puppies are delivered.

If you see this fluid, but then no puppy appears, then you will have to take your dog to the vet - as this could signify a major problem with the delivery of the puppies.

  • The presence of green (or sometimes black) fluid is perfectly normal.
  • This green fluid signifies that a puppy is separating from the uterine wall.
  • When a puppy has been separated from the uterine wall, it has been cut off from its source of oxygen. This is why the puppy needs to be delivered almost immediately after this fluid is seen.
  • If you see this fluid, but no puppy appears, then you will have to rush your dog to a veterinary practice as soon as possible.
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Actually, the green fluid during delivery means that the puppies are stressed and have already had a bowel movement.

Make sure their noses and mouths are cleaned before they take their first breath, or they can inhale this and get pneumonia.

Best wishes.
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Green discharge before the pup is born usually an indication that the placenta has separated from the puppy. If this occurs the puppy may die.

Green fluid after the pup is born is normal, however, and nothing to worry about.

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