My Dog Is Pregnant And She Is Leaking Water. How Do I Know If It Is Just Urine Or Fluid From Around The Puppies?


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I used to be a vet assistant.  urine will flow faster than the fluid. Fluid will seep out. Keep a close eye on her just in case she does have her puppies. Just so you know it is normal for her to eat the afterbirth and there will be an umbilical cord attached, like a baby. You may need to stay near and write down how long between pups it is so if there's any complications you can tell the vet.
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When in doubt call your vet.  Veterinarian techs and assistants can be a wealth of knowledge and they are generally very eager to answer your questions. Usually if they do not have the answer, they can ask the vet and let you know if your pet needs to be seen. 
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Any vaginal discharge in a pregnant dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  Collect some of the fluid for evaluation.  Things can go wrong fast with pregnant animals and it is important to make sure both mother and puppies are doing ok.
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My female dog is 56days pregnant and leaking fluid I think this is urine as she smells of it really bad I was just wondering if this is normal plz help

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