My Puppy Has Greenish Yellow Puss Leaking Out Of His Penis, Does He Have An Infection?


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Generally, a green or yellow discharge - especially more viscous like puss - is a sign of an infection, regardless of species. It suggests the body is fighting foreign bacteria.
The colour is key information, but not wholly important. Infected discharge can, in some cases, be clear. Infection in and around the tip of the penis is rare though, so there is a possibility the discharge could be smegma. It is normal for male dogs to have this discharge. There should not be much of it though, and it shouldn't be oozing or dripping.
There is a good possibility there is a wound in that area that has become infected, but that would not leak out of his penis. In the same manner, a urinary tract infection would not produce drainage through the penis either.
The simple resolution to it is to have a veterinarian examine the dog. They will know whether this is an infection or not, and if so how severe. They will tell you what sort of infection it is and probably be able to explain why or how it occurred, and then provide the relevant antibiotics to cure it up.
If you suspect your dog or puppy has this problem then keep an eye on it. Make sure he has plenty of fluids and if he persists with the discharge then take him to the vets. Another sign of it being unnatural would be excessive licking of the area, suggesting discomfort or irritation.
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Male dogs can have a normal discharge from their prepuce called smegma.  This can be a greenish/yellowish, or clear discharge.  It collects at the end of the prepuce.  There should not be very much discharge and it should not be oozing or dripping. 
Infection is also possible although infection of the prepuce/tip of penis is rare.  There may be a wound in the area that has become infected.  Urinary tract infections do not produce drainage through the penis. 
Have him examined by your veterinarian who can tell you if this discharge is normal or not.
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If your puppy has greenish/yellowish pus leaking out of his penis then yes, there is an infection and there should not be leaking or dripping of any kind. You should be concerned and should visit the vet as soon as possible. Now if your dog has the pus on the tip and it is not leaking and a small amount you should not be concerned it is perfectly normal for a male dog to have.
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Yes it sounds like an infection. Green discharge usually indicates pus as a result of the body fighting infection. Make sure he has plenty of fluids and if it persists he may need a trip to the vet for antibiotics to help him fight the infection. :)
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Don Hamilton, DVM discusses this in his book Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs: Small Doses for Small Animals- chapter 14 pg 268-9. My dog had the same problem. I made a St Johns Wart/ saline solution (see p303 2nd paragraph) put in a turkey baster and rinsed his prepuce out a couple times a day for 2 or 3 days. I couldn't find the tincture so I just bought St. Johns Wart tea bags brewed 2 of them in about 2 cups of water added about a 1/4 tsp of sea salt let it cool to room temp. I put the rest in the fridge for later-when I was ready to rinse again I microwaved it till warm-arm test it to make sure its not too hot. This really helped my guy. Antibiotics always weaken the system, sometimes they do more harm than good. However I'm not the expert Dr. Hamilton is and he explains everything you need to know in his book. Obviously its my opinion that anyone who has animals you should have this book!
Good Luck!
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Is your dog licking his genitalia and having frequent urination and  shaking etc? Discharge from the dog penis can be due to inflammation of penis and prepuce. This condition is caused by
  1. Bacterial infection
  2. Injuries
  3. Constriction of prepuce
Diagnosis of this condition requires urinalysis and blood tests. Treatment depends upon underlying cause like antibiotics for bacterial infection. So, discuss this with your vet.
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Yes, that would be an infection. You need to get him to the vet as soon as you can. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the pup.
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Bloody discharge from the penis/prepuce is not normal.  Males dogs can have a yellowish/white discharge called smegma that is normal in small amounts.  Your puppy needs to be examined by a veterinarian to determine the source of the blood and pus. 
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The antibiotic may not be ding the job, just like humans some antibiotics work better than others on different things... So take him back to the vet and let them know things are not getting better and if they aren't much help get a second opinion from another vet.
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Yes he does you should take him to the vet or pee a lot well if he yelps when he pees take him to the vet
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How old is your dog and how long have you noticed the "green" discharge?

First thought would be a urinary tract infection - this can be very uncomfortable/painful and should be seen by a vet.  It's quickly and easily cleared up by a course of antibiotics if it is a simply infection - but don't leave it.

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