How Do You Know When A Dog Is Ready To Give Birth?


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Around the time you suspect your dog is due, start checking its temperature. A dog's temperature will drop, which lets you know that the birth could happen in the next 12 - 24 hours. Dogs generally stop eating and start to prepare an area for their pups. This may be seen as the dog running off to quiet places, so be on the lookout as you may need to be there to help. Watch for contractions as well. You will be able to tell when your dog is having them by their body language, which will include panting and howling. Like any mammals about to give birth, there will be a clear to dark green fluid that will start to discharge from the dog. The darker green it gets means the closer the dog is to the actual birth. If you notice your dog hasn’t given birth yet and it’s been over an hour since the darkest green discharge, consult your vet immediately. It’s hard to say how many pups a dog will birth in one pregnancy. It may be up to 20 minutes between each delivery of a pup, and it’s common for dogs to rest in between. If your dog rests for more than two hours without giving birth, call your vet. Most puppies are born tail first. Do not be alarmed as this is normal for dogs. The puppies come out in a sac or membrane, which the mother will clean off, along with biting the umbilical cord. If this is your dogs first pregnancy, she may need help, so be close by and look out for signs that she may be in distress. After the birth, make sure the pups are alright, and feed and change your dogs bedding. Keep an eye on the mother and her new pups for any problems
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First the dog will look like it is trying to dig a hole in its bed but what she is doing is called nesting. Preparing for the birth of her pups. Next she will act very nervous, again a sign the pups are on their way. Once she is in labor she will stay in her bed or very close to its owner. She will go into a standing like position to deliver her babies. You must keep small kids away from the mother and do not bother her when she is delivering. She will let you know when she is in trouble. The owner of the dog does need to stay with her when she is delivering so no problems will occur.
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Canine pregnancy can be of 59-68 days with an average of 63 days or 9 weeks. You can predict delivery in your pregnant dog by noting signs of labor. Signs of labor in dogs start few hours to 2 days before true labor. These signs are decrease in rectal temperature below 100, agitation, no eating, restlessness and pacing. Note these signs and expect delivery very soon.

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Whenever dog is about to deliver, some signs appear that suggest start of labor in dogs. This labor period is followed by whelping. Following symptoms are observed before and during whelping.
  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Agitation
  3. Reduced rectal temperature that is below 100 F
  4. Restlessness and pacing
  5. Shaking
  6. Straining for delivery
  7. Whelping or birth
So, these things can happen in your dog at the completion of gestation.
She will look for a dark, safe spot & start 'nesting' by bringing pillows or a blanket to the area & she may whimper while walking in circles...then you will know that you are about to be a grandpa...♥Nassy

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You can help your dog during whelping process. But you should not take risk if you are not professional breeder because pregnancy can be complicated and can have serious consequences. You should get help from your local vet.

If you have planned to whelp your dog at home then get abdominal ultrasound after 50 days of gestation to know possible litter size. This will help you during delivery of puppies. You should build a whelping box well before start of labor. During the whelping process, you can help your dog in following ways.

   1. Cleaning of puppies with dry towel after delivery
   2. Cutting of amniotic sac if it is still present
   3. Cutting of umbilical cord

But ideally, you should get help from your vet.
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There are a few signs of pregnancy in the dog that you may notice.  Pregnancy lasts approximately 63 days.  The earliest signs include decreased appetite, a decrease in activity may be noticed, and nipple enlargement.  As pregnancy progresses, you may notice an increase in appetite and weight gain.  In late term pregnancy the abdomen will increase in size, you may even see or feel the puppies move about, and milk production may begin.  Imminent signs of delivery include change in behaviour, restlessness and nesting behaviour.  Breeders will measure the mother’s rectal temperature twice to three times daily close to the delivery date.  The mother’s temperature will drop 1-2 degrees Celsius 24 hours before whelping. 

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When my dog had her pups, right before she was panting real hard like a dog does when it's hot and they will be steady looking for somewhere to have the pups.
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Typically 60 days from date of conception but she will let you know. She will become very restless and begin to look for a place to be she may act slightly lethargic prior to. She will want lots of love up until she is ready to deliver and possibly after. My pit moped around for about 24 hours prior to and could barely move but wanted lots of love. She also encouraged the petting and loving during delivery
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You need to speak to your vet. About what's going on and what you could possibly give her and if it's going to be necessary to pull the pups while she's on any medications, whether they can or should be put back on and how you are going to have to go about it.
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The best way to know when your dog will whelp is by taking it's temperature every 12 hrs (or more often). When the temperature drops the dog should whelp within 24hrs max. If they haven't had a pup by that point find a vet. Not all dogs begin to lactate noticeably or at all before they whelp. Some of them don't even show a lot of signs of typical nesting. Those are all things you should watch for as a healthy dog will USUALLY do those but sometimes they just tend to hide away. Or act a little lethargic or off their food. Temperature is the only way to know for sure.
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I would keep an eye on her, if this is her first pregnancy, she is going to want you there for it, and in case she starts having problems, then you might need to take her to the vet. Hope this helps, good luck to you and she.

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