My Dog Is Pregnant And She Is Leaking Stuff Out Her Private Is This A Sign Of Her About To Go Into Labor?


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If she is over 58 days pregnant then leaking of fluid can be sign that she is going to deliver puppies very soon but if she is below 58 days pregnant then any vaginal discharge is not normal and requires vet visit. If your dog is pregnant and approaching towards end of gestation then note following signs.
  1. Reduction in rectal temperature below 100o F
  2. Agitation
  3. Restlessness and pacing
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Nesting behavior
After the appearance of these signs, she will go in to the labor within 8-48 hours. During labor, she will shake due to pain and strain to push puppy outside.
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If the temp drop and discharge are new symptoms for your dog, then yes she is probably going to deliver within 8-24hrs. Every dog is different though... Make sure to call your vet, or any 24hr vet and let them know what is going on so they can be prepared if you need assistance over the phone or if you need to come in... So they are ready.

During my dog's pregnancy she was the opposite of the "textbook" symptoms. At 50dys her temp dropped to 98 degrees, and throughout her pregnancy she has a light clear discharge. I was concerned, but the vet reassured me that she was fine... So who knew... Guess I got a unique one :)  She has since been spayed.
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Yes, the puppies should be here soon.  Puppies should be delivered within 24 hours of the rectal temperature falls below 99 degrees Fahrenheit.  Gestation (pregnancy) in dogs is typically 63-66 days. 
Labor will begin with the onset of uterine contractions, this is the start of stage 1 labor--in stage 2 the puppies are delivered.  During this stage which typically lasts 6-12 hours the mother-to-be may become restless, pant, stop eating, vomit, pace, and nest.
If your dog has not delivered 24 hours after temperature drop take her to the veterinarian to make sure she is not having dystocia (difficult birth; ie inability to birth naturally).

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