How Long After Female Gets Milk Will She Have Her Puppies?


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There are no fixed days for production of milk in dogs. Usually, milk production in dogs is started at advance stage of pregnancy but in some dogs this can be delayed and started few hours after the delivery of puppies. In some dogs, it can be 2 or 3 days before.

If your dog is pregnant and her milk has started to produce then she can deliver puppies within few days. Don't count delivery from the day of milk production. Count number of days of pregnancy that can be an average of 63 days. You can also get help from your vet.
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Milk production in dogs is started during advance stages of the pregnancy. Usually, it starts during 8th week of pregnancy. But in some dogs, it starts 2-3 days before delivery. In some dogs, milk production is started on the day of delivery and in some dogs, after the delivery. So, you can not predict exact delivery date in dogs by noticing milk production. You should watch for signs of labor which
start 8-48 hours before true labor. These signs are decrease in rectal temperature below 100, agitation, no eating, restlessness and pacing.

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It is true that she can produce milk several days prior to whelping. The best way to tell if labor is imminent is to check her temperature. Dogs have a normal temperature of 100 to 102 degrees. Approximately 24 hours before whelping occurs, her temperature will drop a couple of degrees. Happy whelping!
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Milk let down is an unreliable way to measure how long it is before she whelps.  There are a few signs of pregnancy in the dog that you may notice.  Pregnancy lasts approximately 63 days.  The earliest signs include decreased appetite, a decrease in activity may be noticed, and nipple enlargement.  As pregnancy progresses, you may notice an increase in appetite and weight gain.  In late term pregnancy the abdomen will increase in size, you may even see or feel the puppies move about, and milk production may begin.  Imminent signs of delivery include change in behaviour, restlessness and nesting behaviour.  Breeders will measure the mother's rectal temperature twice to three times daily close to the delivery date.  The mother's temperature will drop 1-2 degrees Celsius 24 hours before whelping.
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I'm not sure if there is much variation in this according to breed, but my rottweiler had pups within the same week that she started producing milk.  Hope this helps and good luck with your new little bundles!
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The actual milk doesn't come in until 3 or 4 days after whelp. Before then they produce colostrum, which is what the pups get the bulk of their antibodies from. There isn't actually a specific set time so some individual dogs vary but colostrum tends to come in anywhere from a week or so before until sometimes not until right at whelp but most often comes in a day or two before the big event.
There is a lot more pregnancy and whelping basics information and detailed links for you in the link below. Good Luck.
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The milk comes in a couple days before well my girl did  and 24 hours before she welps she will stop eating.
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Colostrum comes in anywhere from like a week to sometimes not until the pups are here so should start taking temperature now. Once it drops to 98 (or 99 sometimes) that's first stage and the pups should arrive within 24 hours and if not you need to call your vet because there's a problem. Have their been any problems indicated during the pre-exams or is a breed or anything else that indicated difficulties? Here's some other times to call your vet to advise (best if your vet is experienced with whelp because not all vet's are):If first stage lasts more than 24 hours call your vet. If there are no pups (30 minutes) soon after the water breaks call your vet. If there is black or green fluid(and no pups in the case of the green but black always) call your vet. If there is bright red fluid for more than a few minutes (around 10) call your vet. If there is a break of more than an hour in between pups call your vet. If a pup is in the canal for more than 10 minutes call your vet. Pushing for more than 10 or 15 minutes call your vet. Make sure she deliveries all the placenta's. There needs to be one per pup and she can eat a few but too many will cause diarrhea. If the number of pups doesn't match the ultrasound or x-ray (they are usually pretty accurate, most often completely but if not within one or two) call your vet. She should be examined within 24 hours after birth for problems or anything that is likely ot cause infection (like stuff that was supposed to come out but didn't). Hope everything goes great.

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