My Dog Is 2 He Has Parvo I Took Him To The Vet They Gave Him Fluids For 3 Days Hes Drinking Water And Ate 2 Cans Of Food The Last 2 Days Will He Make It?


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Watch him closely. If he continues to get better, there's a good chance he'll make it. His age is also on his side, because he has a little bit more reserve to fight the disease than a puppy or older dog. If he does pull through, please have him vaccinated against parvo, it is preventable.
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If he is eating, that is a good sign. However, parvo inhibits the digestive system from absorbing food and water, so if the dog continues to lose weight, or show signs of dehydration or starvation, then personally I would put them down. But it sounds to me like your probably passing the worst now.

Survival rates are about 50/50 for dogs that acquire parvo.

If they make it thru the first 3 to 4 days of being symptomatic, they will usually recover fast and be on their feet in around a week.

Good luck and best wishes.
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Don't put him down if he is making progress If he is eating and drinking more and better each day he will make it. How is his poop any blood is he puking as long as he isn't puking or pooping blood he should be fine. Let me know and best of luck

Hi  - well my sister's dog had Parvo and she took him to the vet and like you he was out for a while and didn't want to eat much but he drank his water and eventually he started eating more and more . He lived.  He is now 15 years old and a very lucky doT.  they did the same for him and he is alive and believe it or not well he has lived a very long life.

We were all surprised ourselves but the vet said he will be ok and he really was.  Just keep up doing what your vet suggests and make sure you tell your vet what he is  doing regarding his diet and fluids even down to his bowel movements because that can be important as well 

I am not a vet but I do take in rescue animals and I always say the best advice comes from a vet . I know not every one can afford to see the vet but in some cases they will allow you to make payments.  I hope this helps and I am sorry if it does not. 

Also just FYI . now that you have had a dog with parvo I hear that it stays in the house for a long period of time so if you have friends who have dogs do not allow them to bring them in  And no other dog or puppys should be in there unless they have parvo shots and sometimes not even then .

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If you have time, try to order helps, but you usually don't have time to give before its too late for treatment.

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