How Has Your Dog, Cat, Or Any Pet Enriched Your Life?


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Mine cats are great, they are affectionate, and loving, they all get along, and they are well behaved, no counters for them. They are here when you need them sometimes, when you are sad, or need to calm down. My cats know when I am stressed and will try to make me calm down with demanding my attention. They love to snuggle, and lay on the bed, there are times when all 4 of them have been on the bed at the same time. What a grand feeling to have, my loving, sensitive kitties.
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Vicki Kelly answered
My dogs love me unconditionally.  If I am sad, they know it.  They are constant companions to me and I am never lonely.   I feel protected when they are with me.  (Nobody can come near my front door without them letting me know.)   They make me laugh and just give me the overall feeling of being loved.   What more could anyone ask for???
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Trey answered
They have always made me happy when I am sad, and love me no matter what.-trey
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Patty Grace answered
I can't even describe how my animals have enriched my life. Most of them I got from abusive homes or from neglect or just plained abandoned. It is amazing their unconditional love, willing to adapt and amazing companionship. I could not even imagine my life without them.
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carol washington
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I have a dog that is 15years old. She follow my son home from school when he was young,no one claimed her and we adopted her, she is such a part of our family that one of her puppies is growing up with my grandson. That's a feeling that can't be put into words. Thanks for your answer, i know your pets are well loved.

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