I Need To Sell My Puppy Fast. Anyone Looking For A Puppy? It Is A Shihtzu.


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Advertise in your local paper.
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I have a 2 1/2month old ShihTzu. His color is dark gold, weights 3.4 pounds and he is a lover boy! I have to sell him because of a family emergency :(  I paid $800 for him, he is microship, has his shots up to date, and I am giving him with his food, bed, toys and kennel. I am asking for $750.00 him. I am in the Orlando area.
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I have a puppy for sale reply for info
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What area are you in?
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I'm looking for a dog to eat for dinner soon. Are you interested in selling your dog to me?
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Thats WRONG dude dont eat dogs! Any way go some where else do you think people really wanna here you talk about you massacring a little puppy and cooking it to eat! That wrong and cold blooded!
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I have 5 puppies ready to be sold. They are a mix of shih poo and a english cocker spaniel.  We are located in New York City.

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