Can You Breed Mother And Son Pit Bulls?


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NICK GRAHAM answered
For those of you saying no you should learn a little more before you give some of these answers. I have red nose pits and I bread a female back to her father and it produced some of the finest dogs I have ever seen!!! They are beautiful and well mannered. If you do this and your dog is not acting well then you need to learn how to teach your dog. I wouldn't do it over and over again because you don't want to have too much of the genes wound together but if you breed a mother to a son or a father to a daughter, you will most likely have some fine dogs!! I learned from experience that it is possible and if the mother and the father of the puppies have good traits then these genes will carry over to the puppies. I am very proud of the dogs I have produced. They are very beautiful and very well behaved. You just have to teach your dog just like any other what to do and what not to do. For those of you saying no you shouldn't, you should learn more about breeding dogs before you submit an answer you know nothing about. Yes it will work fine. Just make sure you are breeding two well behaved and most importantly smart dogs. I promise you it will work!! I have produced some great dogs so I know from experience!!!! Good luck in your breeding!!!!!
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Yes you can ONLY ONCE ITS CALLED LINE BREEDING this enhances the bloodline of either the mother or fther which ever you perfer and start to eliminate the other bloodline but like I said only one time can this bedone or the genetic will be to close together and the dog will whined up have genetic disorder ONLY ONCE
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Christie Maver answered
Well its not a good idea, but April is being ridiculous. You shouldn't only because it could cause genetic defects. Maybe not the first generation, but it will start breeding in traits that are un characteristic for the breed.
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KR- myopinions answered
You shouldn't. There are very few people that understand or practice line breeding properly and is often an excuse (puppy mills/BYB). It is far more complicated than just allowing two related dogs to breed. Most people will not breed closely related dogs and most are trying to avoid line breeding now. You are doubling up on genetics and it is likely to pull up the negative things in the line to the front and fix them. Hip dysplasia, genetic eye problems, anything like that in the line is likely to occur in the pups you produce. It isn't considered ethical or responsible breeding practices. Would you have a child with one of your parents or would you be concerned that something might be wrong with any offspring you produce and especially anything in your family history (including recessive genes) that isn't good?
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NO!!!!! Absolutely not.....they will become crazy and snap there brain will continue to grow after their skull stops and the pressure will drive them mad and they will snap.  DO NOT INTERBREED pitbulls unless you are will to assume all responsibilities, such as possible legal lawsuits

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