How Do You Tell If A Pit-bull Is Pregnant?


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Because canines are mammals, when they are pregnant they may show signs that are similar to other mammals, like humans. While your pit bull probably won’t complain about headaches, heartburn, or cramping in a way that you can decipher, you may be able to detect a change in their behavior. Outside on an ultrasound, which your vet can perform, there are a few signs that are noticeable to an untrained eye if you simply know what to look for.

Her vulva will appear swollen much like it does when the dog is in heat. Usually, her vulva will return to "normal” size once the heat cycle has concluded.

Her nipples will become much more pronounced, which is similar to the changes in other mammals, as the mammary glands begin to prepare for the nursing period.

She may seek more attention, which is a behavioral result of the change in hormonal balance and physical comfort. Again, a woman might be able to communicate cramping or discomfort but your pit bull will simply seek comfort from you.

After 3 weeks or so, it is usually possible to see a pronounced belly. Obviously, this is because the puppies in the future litter are growing; and you may be able to see or feel them moving around too. It is important that you start preparing your home for the birthing of the puppies. Make a safe whelping area where she can rest as the due date nears and get her used to it two weeks ahead of time. She might lose her appetite over the last two days and she might begin to shiver or present signs of nesting too.

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A pit-bull is usually pregnant for 9 weeks. A pit-bull in labour will eat twice than usual. A pregnant pit-bull has the habit of looking for a spot where she can keep her pups safely. Besides increased appetite, a pit-bull after 30 days of pregnancy starts gaining weight and exhibits less activity. Her nipples grow bigger and her belly begins to change shape. 2 weeks after breeding, the pit-bull experiences morning sickness which can last for about a week. By the fourth week of pregnancy, there is a distinct fattening seen on her sides in the region between her hipbone and ribs.

In the 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, the pit-bull starts release liquid discharge, which has no smell and has a consistency of Vaseline. In the 8 week, when you feel the belly of the pit-bull, you will feel the puppies turning and kicking around in her abdomen. The 9th week sees the pit-bull's belly changing shape to such an extent that it looks like it is lying close to the ground. There is a change in her body temperature and you know that the puppy is on its way out anytime.
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I have a pitt and my Husband anf brother n law think that she is pregnant!! I Do not think she is! And I would like to know how i can tell if she is? If someone could plz help me!?!
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I will like to know if my pit bull is pregnant or can she have pupps, the reason i ask is becuse one time she looked pregnant and did everything she had to do. Look for a place to put her pupps, her belly got big, but i never saw anything
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I have a pit bull she is almost 1year old april 15th she just got stuck with her brother is came from the same litter how can i tell if she is knocked up yet? How long does it take for them to come apart ?

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You can not know about pregnancy in your pit bull until she is 3-4 weeks pregnant. Dogs show some early, late and advance signs of pregnancy that can be confirmed by vet after having abdominal ultrasound or palpation. Early signs of pregnancy in dogs are

   1. Loss of appetite
   2. Nipple growth
   3. Decrease in the activities
   4. Some behavioral changes

Later signs are increased in appetite and weight. Advance stages signs are

   1. Puppy movements
   2. Increase in abdomen size
   3. Nesting behavior
   4. Milk production
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She will become very lazy and sleep all the time, you will also notice that her stomach is getting a bit bigger and her nipples are swollen.
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She will start getting bigger in her hips. It is hard to tell that they are pregnant at first but you can take her to the vet and get her tested. If you think she is then feed her extra food. At the middle of her pregnancy you will need to get her use to the place where she will have her pups. I give my females extra vitiams and yogurt for calcium. I also boil eggs and give that to her too don't give her or any dog raw eggs it can make them sick.
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Pregnancy last for up to 9 weeks! She may get all squirmy and always moving and you may notice that she can not get comfortable! You can take a n anal temp on her and if its below 100 degrees F! She may be going in! Thier normal temp is 101f to 103f! She will be licking herself a lot as if to get her self ready! If she huffs/paints this is normal! If she sounds like she is in pain and yelping then she is in distress! Number of pups vary and well as the time in between each pup! Some are one right after another and some take about an hour in between! But none the less the total labor and birthing should not go more then 24hrs. Good luck!!
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The earliest and most reliable means of pregnancy diagnosis is via ultrasound.  As early as day 20-22 pregnancy can be diagnosed.  Ultrasound is more reliable at day 26 or later.  Fetal skeletons calcify at day 45 and can be seen on x-ray.  This is the most accurate way of estimating number of puppies.  Gestation (pregnancy) lasts 63-66 days in dogs.
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We got a pitt and we got her from a man that told us she wasn't in heat and that she just got out of heat well then my male mounted her and I hear if there not in heat she wouldn't of let him now it's about 5 weeks later and her nipples are swollen and leaking milk and she is being a little agressive but not to bad but her stomach hasn't changed at all other then the large nipples could if be a false pregnancy.
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Its very nice to know that your pit bull is pregnant and ready to delver very soon. But in my opinion, you should avoid whelping at home by yourself if you are not a professional because delivery can have complications that can not be managed at home by unprofessional people. You should get appointment from your local vet and note for following signs of labor in your dog.
  1. Loss of appetite close to the end of gestation
  2. Reduction in rectal temperature below 100 F
  3. Agitation
  4. Restlessness or pacing
  5. Shaking
  6. Licking of genital area
  7. Nesting behavior
So, get properly prepared for whelping if you have planned at home otherwise get vet assistance.
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Hi my name is amber my pit was in heat I had her in room with male dog to get her prego and she is puking 2 times did and her nipples are getting bigger bigger is she prego how do I no
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Bitches in the first 3 weeks after mating, there will be loss of appetite and sometimes vomiting and so on. In the bitch the first 4 weeks after mating, the morning fasting, the owner can be bitches stomach position of the uterus, such as the hands touch the big egg embryos, which can confirm that the bitch is pregnant, about the time away from the original mating bitches , is 30 days later.

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