Can I Breed Mother Dog With Her Son?


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Yes it does. It may not a much talked about issue but on stated it is happening quite numerously among family members. It is crude and wrong and just plain against nature and beliefs.
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You can BUT and I mean a BIG BUT -

You need to be an experienced breeder and still have a good solid OLD mentor of that breed. Know those bloodlines and genetic issues for at miniual 4 generations. I mean the pros and cons on all dogs in that pedigree.

Be prepared to do the genetic testing you breed club recommends and DO them and any other genetic testing that the Canine Health Foundation recommends for your breed.
IF you do that up close and personel breeding, be very prepared to put to sleep genetically defective pups you may have.

Good luck, not a breeding for the faint of heart.

You must not be kennel blind in trying this. You must be able to honestly evaluate what is produced. Not every puppy created by 2 champions is the next great champion.

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Yes it occurs often and it's perfectly fine, most sons fantasize about their mothers and most mothers fantasize about their sons so it's only natural for them to have sex with each other.
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Fathers,mothers sisters and brothers are a no no but it is said that cousins are fine (probably cause thier gene pool is bigger than a sibling or parent) but with animals like this, cousin's are fine. I'm not sure if you have the option of finding a cousin but if not don't worry! The pup still has both blood lines so, if need be to mate with a whole new blood line this is fine too! I have a pitt from my best friend and she is the only pup they still see around. They had a male and female who had litters and they kept one from each. But over the years the parents had passed away and one son that had passed away as well so now they only have one son left! And he too is getting older and they worry if he were to pass they would lose that blood line they held dear for sooo long. So now that my pup is the last of the blood line that they see they have been asking me, once I mate her with another blue nose pitt if they can have one! So I know what your feeling! But the need to add a blood line to the mix you have is not a problem at all! You know the bloodline ran threw the pup so its still there!! Good luck!
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You can BUT you should not.    Inbreeding causes the two ,same, recessive alleles to meet in the embryo, known as having a double copy or being homozygous recessive or pure breeding for that particular trait. This is why pedigree dogs have many breed specific diseases, through incestuous matings.   Animals in the wild choose unrelated members where ever possible to breed with. They choose unlike genes to create healthier  offspring.  So it is bad to breed a mum and child.
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If you do it could cause the pups to have un characteristic traits... It could take a few generations of inbreeding to cause defects but don't chance it. The blood line is in the pit you have and will still go to his pups
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I think you can by the akc breeding standard, but I would not do it. I know people who do it a lot and then they have pups that are not right. The way I think about it is would you breed with your son. I have pits also and I would not take a chance on it just because they are pitbulls. You can look it up on the internet under pitbull breeding inline breeding.
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Mother/son incest is the second most prevalent incest behind brother/sister. Father/daughter has lower percentages but they believe the statistics are skewed because of the social pressures placed upon daughters to tell the truth.
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I don't really know about breeding dogs but I would not use family members for breeding.....
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Sure you can...they don't know the difference...and besides in some way shape or form all of our dogs are related...all of them could be from west VA
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So if I breed the mother and her son would the puppy's come out weird shape and missing parts of it
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You should NEVER interbreed animals!! Just like with humans, there could be defects. Your male pup is already carrying the genes or "blood line" so just find it another well maintained female to breed with who has a great background. Those pups will carry out the line.
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So if I breed the mother and her son would the puppy's come out weird shape and missing parts of it
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Not a good idea. It could cause an assortment of problems. This is referred to as inbreeding. Sometimes with certain breeds, pit bulls for instance, the offspring could be overly aggressive. I imagine this could also happen with other breeds. Many health issues can arrise from breeding parent to sibling and sibling to sibling.

In humans over the ages this resulted in Hemophilia,  which is a blood disorder. This is one reason why laws were initiated preventing cousins from marrying. Before we attained a certain level of civilization, it was quite common for 1st cousins to marry. Once again this led to many physical problems including a high incidence of birth defects.

Please don't do this for the sake of the offspring.

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Agree with all these comments with the exception of the haemophilia statement. While Haemophilia is recessive it is carried on the x chromosome which gives a pattern of sex linked inheritance. Because queen Victoria married her full cousin Albert and arranged incestuous royal matings, the fact that Leopold was born a haemophiliac was blamed on that But his affliction was caused by a mutation in Victoria s, ova or in the sperm of her elderly father. But incest is bad for the species regardless.

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