Can You Tell Me About The Pit Bull?


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They can be huge dogs but they are sweet yet strong loyal and protective. If you rais it right it can be a lifesaving friend and companion. Its horrible the sterio types they are put in too, fighting dogs :( but if you give it love, food and a nice place to sleep and keep it well grounded and healthy im postitive he or she would be the best company, friend companion and protector a human could have. I have 3, so i would know :D
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Ive had 2 pits my whole life and although they are unfortunately given
a bad rap they are the most loving loyal dogs you can ever have. That
being said the only reason Pits get to be unstable is because of jackass owners who get them solely for illegal or illegitimate reasons. Get a pit as a pup with papers so you know its entire background and raise it like you would any other dog. Respect it, love it, and never fear it. I think you'd come to find pit bulls as some one of the best, most fun dogs you could ever have...
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Pit Bull is a breed that people are scared of just by the name you should do lots of reading on this breed if you are thinking of this dog as a pet and some towns have bans on them or require you to have special insurance to cover them myself I like the breed if its bread well in cross breeds not so much they become unstable.
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Sure, No problem. The "pitbull" is, I believe, one of the most loyal and understanding dogs in the world! I've had my expirience with Pitbulls, and I think, although they are stubborn in training, They are super Smart. They are from the Terrier group, so, like most terriers, they have a great sense of smell, and hearing! They have hard jaws, but rarley bite anyone. They had and still have, I must admit, a bad rap in the world, so far, they have been permanatly banned from some countries, states, cities, and most neighborhoods. But, if you don't know, More people die from bee stings than Pit bulls. So why do places ban Pit bulls? Well, let me tell you, The goverment knows that Pitbulls aren't horrible, but, somehow they say they ban Pitbulls because they hope to protect the people who live there. I know, right?
Anyway, on to your History Lesson.
Pitbulls were brought to the United States by English Immagrants, they were breed from the Old English Bulldogs, so thats where they got the "Bull" part in there name. Many people were facinated by these dogs, because of there size and stregth. And that was the day Pit Fighting was made. Pit fighting is a cruel sport where dogs fight for blood. It is now illigal in most Countries, but people continue to enter. So thats where the Pitbull got the "Pit" part of his name. Now, later on, The American Kennal Club (AKC) changed the name of the Pitbull to the American Staffordshire Terrier to try to erase most of the Pitbulls cruel Past.
Now, The Pitbull is warming hearts of many owners, like mine. :) I hope this helped!
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Just to add up with your information about American Staffordshire Terriers. The first Staffy is called Colby's Primo. He became the standard of all the pitbull that will be registred on AKC and of course the name will be replaced. All credits goes to John P. Colby.
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Pit bull is an umbrella term for multiple breeds. I have 2 American Pit Bull Terriers (that's one of the "pit bull" breeds). Pit Bulls are awesome family dogs with an amazing history that you can be proud of. War heroes, police dogs, search and rescue, not to mention their great reputation with kids. As far as attacks go...the more dogs you have the more chances there are for something to go wrong, and the pit bull population is out of control. Also, if they aren't strays it is ALWAYS owner error, and most "pit bull" attacks aren't pit bulls. Check out the link and see if you can identify a pit bull and then think of how you'd do it in the middle of being attacked. Don't buy in to what the media says about pit bulls. Pit bulls bring ratings and that's what they're after.
Also, check out my facebook page dedicated to pit bull education!
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I'm actually suffering from breed blindness. Pitbull is the only breed for me. Pitbull is a loyal and wonderful dog. I have an American Bully ( a grandson of RE Cai) and 6 gamebreed with blood consists of jeep/redboy/carver/bolio. I join my bully to dogshow (i hate the politics here) and I fight my dogs. If you are into MMA and love dogs.. You can appreciate dogfighting. Simply because it's not that cruel as media says it to be. It's plainly a sport for men and dogs, not for the weak heart. We have all the first aid meds posible if anything goes wrong. I personally never let my dog die. It's like we are the Trainer of a price fighter. They have a choice to fight or not, but if they choose to fight.. We'll be their trainers. Anyways you guys can say whatever you want.. I just respect the sport and the history of my breed. That's why I think I can say that I've been through all the aspect of owning a pitbull. 2 of my gamebreed that are cold are my housepet. My children plays with them like their teddybear. I advise you to research on your own and learn about the breed. Once you are hook with this breed.. You won't stop. If you plan to get a pitbull.. Join some clubs to get you more engage of the breed. By then you would appreciate pitbull more, takecare of your pitbull better than what you used to and earn more friends.
Want to know about history of the breed and the great pitbulls the ever lived? Check this out..
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Pit bulls are a breed of dog that are considered a ''bully-breed.'' But just because they are considered the bully-breed, doesn't necessarily mean that they are mean. It all depends on how you raise them. I have a pit bull my self. She is the sweetest thing on earth. That is because we raised her as a puppy with love and care. But if you want information on how to care for them, or more specific information, you should check out an encyclopedia. Or you can google ''about pit bulls.'' Hopefully that helped.    

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