How Much Can You Sell Pit Bulls For?


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Cody answered
You can sell them depending on their quality for a couple g's if they have papers and a bloodline and stuff. But a full blood pit with out papers and nothing but good quality you could sell for 100-300.
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Yes but I have seen some without papers go for 400. It was a blue. With papers it depends on the bloodline. If you have a great bloodline then its can sell for 2000-3000. The question is how much did you pay and sell them for around that much.
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I have four Pitbulls, the dad has papers, and the mother don't, I'm trying to sell them for $200.00 each, their dad is blue, and gotty, fawn color, gray eyes. The mom is full red nose, white, with brown patches, like a cow, she had green eyes when she was a puppie. They made really nice looking pups, but not sure on how much I should sell them for, can anybody give me an idea?

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