I Need A Good Pit Bull Puppy Name,Can You Help Me?


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It s the norm in our society to think that pit bulls are heartless man eaters.  I have a 1 year old pit bull who can't stop licking us and is in fact very cowardly around new people.  I think giving him an aggressive (killer, rex, tyson) name will only make strangers more weary.  for me giving him a dog with a humans name really made a difference upon introduction of a stranger.  add a "y" or "ie" to make your dog sound more playful.  we named ours benny. 
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You have not indicated gender of your pit bull puppy. Anyhow, there are many beautiful names of pit Bull puppies. I am offering few of them. You can select from following list if you like.

Fayette,  Roldana, Wes, Okie, Kenley, Burke, Shyanna, Whitely, Lucas, Rod, Rufa, Ede, Jyllina, Stewert, Tacy.
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I love my pitbulls, and I like names, like Muneca, which means Doll in spanish, and the male's name is Shadow, my girl picked the female's name, and beleive me that my female pit, loves her name, because every time I just have to say it once for her to come flying to me. The male is a pretty big dog, everybody that sees him walking on the street, they get scared by the way he looks, but he's the sweetest animal you can ever find, I had him in the car the other day, and a friend I know for years, saw me with the dog in the front seat of the car, my wife in the back seat with my 4 month old baby, and my friend started saying that those types of dogs were the worst. But pitbulls aren't the worst, it's up to us to make them the sweetest dogs, or the meanest. And it has a lot to do with the names that we pick for them too. So think about it, before you name yours Killer, Psycho, or anything like that. Enjoy your pitbull, and don't be afraid to show him off!!!
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Give it a name that is friendly.
I have a dog that is part pit and people cringe when they hear about that part of his linage.
He's the sweetest dog in the world and I love him dearly.
We named him Ozzy after Black Sabbath's singer Ozzy Osbourne.
I'd try a name after someone famous you like in particular or maybe someone you admire.
That's usually how I name my pets and we have nine

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