What Can I Do To Stop My Puppy Jumping And Biting?


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It depends what your puppy is biting. If its furniture or its lead use a chew deterrent spray from a pet shop or super market, not a really really cheap one though as it doesn't work as well as medium priced ones. I found this out as I have a pup as well. But if your puppy is biting you or your clothes use a stern voice, a sort of growl, but make sure you say no.
If you can't find it in yourself to do it, don't worry because one day when your really fed up you'll say it perfectly and your pup will know your not joking or playing. Tapping or hitting your pup on the nose doesn't help as they think your playing rough and bite harder.
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Dogs usually jump up as a way of greeting what they perceive as lower pack members. Some breeds are more prone to jumping based on their original specific breed characteristics. In the wild, such as wolves and coyotes, greeting the alpha by jumping or even approaching their face is considered posturing for dominance, and unacceptable behaviour. My feeling here is this dog/puppy is spoiled and just needs some manners. There are many ways to curb jumping, but for a simple fix try this; when you come home from being away from your dog, do not greet he/she until they have quit trying to jump up and be noticed. Without using any verbal commands, turn your back on the dog, and do not speak, nor touch the animal. Any use of verbal commands, and/or touching, pushing the dog off, saying no, or stop, actually only reinforces the bad behaviour as this is attention seeking and dominance posturing. If turning the back does not work, and your dog just jumps on your back, try lightly stepping on the dogs back toes, and please understand I am not suggesting you harm your animal!! Use enough pressure that the dog can feel this, and jumps off.. You can at that time, use the command "OFF", while stepping on one of the back paws/toes, again, adjust the pressure to the breed and size of the animal.. A poodle needs a very light touch, a Labrador Retriever may need a bit more pressure. This usually curbs this in a very short time. Ask and instruct all visitors to do the same if the dog continues jumping on people.. The toe/paw pressure is great because the dog does not associate this with the person, but instead is reinforced by negative association that this behaviour (jumping) has uncomfortable consequences. Depending on your specific animals personality, this usually works to that in the future you only need the command, "OFF" without using any physical reinforcement. For more specific details, or additional information, check out my profile at liveperson! Just type in Maya Moon in the search bar, and good luck with your furkid!
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She might just be playing but a way of stopping her biting is, when she bites tell her "no" and then ignore her. Don't stroke her or make eye contact, just completely forget about her. But only for a minute or two. If you repeat this method, sooner or later she will begin to realize that biting does not get praise and will therefore hopefully stop it.
Good Luck!
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Um, first, you may have some difficulties and I'm not sure how long you've had this pup but generally they should still be with 'mom' and littermates learning bite inhibition among other things. Most responsible breeder's keep their pups longer (breed matter's) and in many cases a minimum of 10 to 12 weeks, or is the pup a rescue?
First and foremost, make sure you don't encourage the behavior and be consistent. No wrestling or anything else that encourages the behavior. The usual command for mouth on living thing is 'No bite' and if they put their mouth on an inanimate object 'No chew' and 'mine'.  Praise your pup for playing with their toy's even if you didn't encourage it. 'Good puppy, you chew on your toys'.
At this age one of the most effective deterrent's including everything else (as if you don't feel silly enough with all the overly happy, good puppy you ______)... SCREAM (and I mean scream). It's a similar reaction to what they get from their littermates if they get too rough. Gently grabbing the lower jaw with thumb inside and holding it is also incredibly annoying to them and holding for a few seconds while saying 'no bite' can help as well with a negative result that isn't fun for them but not actually associated with you. If your still having trouble and there are particular play times you can also try some bitter apple or bitter lime on your hands instead of things like furniture if one works, they can be found at many pet shops and vets. Breed parent club and the breeder's and sometimes even the rescues listed can also be a great resource.
Good Luck.
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It is important to train a puppy correctly, so that when your puppy grows into a dog it has the 'social skills' to be able to interact with humans (and other animals). With regard to jumping, the puppy needs to learn that it is wrong to jump up on people, without frightening it. The puppy should be taught to sit and keep all four paws on the ground. It should be praised and rewarded at this point and this message should be reinforced each time the puppy jumps up. If you allow it to jump up sometimes and do not reinforce the sitting down with all four paws on the floor, then the puppy will simply become confused.

If the puppy only bites when it jumps up, then training it to sit (and stop jumping) should help stop this, but if it continues to bite, then command it firmly, not to do this each time it bites. You must always be consistent and always show the puppy that you are the 'top dog' and the one in charge, but never frighten the dog.

In addition it may be useful to look for puppy obedience classes to have some professional input and also to meet other owners who may be experiencing the same problem.
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Go to Leerburg.com and read the training articles. To "scruff" a dog means to grab it by the back of the neck and shove it to the ground. It sounds harsh but its the right way to do it according to the pack rules of dominance. In the pack the Alpha dog does the correcting, thats what you will be doing. You will not hurt the dog, you will be doing something it understands. Give it a firm command "No", and when it does not stop, scruff it and repeat the command. A trained dog is a happy dog, do not allow your dog to be unruly and rude and a pain in the butt.
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We raise Terriers and have found in over 38 years that the best response is to bite them back by inserting your thumb in their mouth between the gum and check and pinching down with your thumb nail while telling them No Bite! This is normally not necessary if yo have never let your dog bite to begin with. You should never let your puppy bite you in anyway at anytime. It may be cute when they re 6 weeks but not so cute and possibly dangerous when they grow up.

As far as jumping firmly push them down into a sit position and make them stay there as soon as they start to jump make a really obnoxious noise and then follow up by making them sit. My dogs respond to what my husband calls "The Look". They have been taught to sit and not jump. When they want to go out or get excited and start Dancing or Jumping I just stand and look at them until they sit quietly and then we go from there.
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I have a trick to keep my dog from teething when he was a puppy. First you get an old rag or dish cloth and tie it in a knot. Then you put it in the freezer until it hardens. After that you give it to your dog to chew on. It works with almost any dog.

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  • How To Train Your Dog To Stop Unwanted Chewing

How To Train Your Dog To Stop Unwanted Chewing

In the first place, Let’s Understand Unwanted Dog Chewing and then the need to Train Your Dog To Stop Unwanted Chewing.

  • It’s a fact that Pooches don’t have hands, or fingers or thumbs. So they investigate their reality with their mouths!
  • In the event that they were raccoons, or monkeys or people; they could lift your things up with their hands.
  • All things considered, you don’t toss your canine’s ball and anticipate that him will get it with his paw or hand, isn’t that so?
  • So how then do you anticipate that your pooch will associate with the things in his surroundings.
  • He utilizes his mouth, frequently improperly to do as such!
  • Why Does My Dog Choose My Favorite Things To Chew On?
  • Puppies adore socks and clothing since they notice more like us than whatever else your pooch could get to.
  • I know it is gross, however your canine doesn’t think in those terms.
  • He takes your phone, your Gameboy, your glasses, your remote control, your tablet; all since they, as well, invest a great deal of energy dousing up your aroma.

You can read more details here

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Puppies usually bite because they are teething you may want to try chew toys especially the rubbery type this should help.
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I'm not sure if this will help but it may soften the scratching. I found these nail covers called soft paws or just claw covers. It help stop my dog from tearing up the door. Good Luck!
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We are dealing with the same thing and I really hate all the answers about getting the puppy too soon. Yes yes that's true and we found out too late. The fact is we have the puppy, we can't give it back!!
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Make sure that your puppy is in a calm state of mind before rewarding it with treats or affection. Use a chew toy to practice getting the dog excited and then calming him down immediately.


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You have to make the puppy learn what the word no means.  So when he bites tap him on the nose and say no. When he stops tell him good boy and give him a treat.  

You should also get him some toys he can chew on.   Just be consistent with him
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Wen ever he/she starts to bark or jump turn around and act like she is invisible and you can't see her/him if it tries to jump or scratch your back ignore it it might be cute ,but ignore and soon enough it will stop maybe even give her a treat or 2 wen she does good
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I lightly grab the muzzle pushing it downwards and very firmly say "NO! BITE!" then ignore for a a minute. Then I will go get a chew toy or something to play tug o war with. It might take a few weeks of this but they will get the hint with continuous correction. The worst thing you can do is allow the chewing and biting one time then the next time disapline the pup for it.
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My little Maddie (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) keeps jumping up when I tae her for a walk, so we never get very far :(
Can anyone help me stop her doing this as its getting out of hand and I do keep saying NO but this doesn't work she just cries and tries to climb up my legs!! Thanks Jenni x
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When they lick tell them they are a good dog because it is one step closer to stop them biting and if you put butter on your fingers that will be better altogether
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My dog used to jump up a lot. Try to tell him a firm 'no', and if he is cooperative he should soon understand that he should stop.
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I have a labrador retriever (AKA from Marley and Me) he keeps biting me and keeps jumping too
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If you already got a puppy that bites that ant good any time playin or not if that pup bits you hit that pup on the nose an tell it NO! An I mean smack it let it fell it or it will never learn
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It's good that you are catching this problem early. It is much harder to break the habit in a full-grown dog. The old saying, 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks', is often true! You should realize that it is a normal part of the puppy stage to be hyper and frisky. The excess energy that your puppy has is perfectly normal. The puppy stage is, however, the time in which dogs should be trained to learn to control themselves. Just like humans, puppies are happier and better-liked when they learn some discipline. It's up to you to teach it.

When your puppy jumps and bites, you could say 'No,' in a loud, sharp tone of voice. Dogs read your expression and the disapproval on your face will give them a cue. You can also drop your hands at your sides and turn away from the dog. That way your dog will not get the attention that he is after.

It's also important to teach your dog good behaviour, which is an alternative to jumping and biting. Train him to sit at your feet and give him lots of praise for this. Soon he will learn that jumping creates a consequence that he doesn't want. He will soon learn that sitting at your feet creates a better consequence. Dogs are emotive animals, and like when you express happiness and praise.
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You can't get her to stop biting but you can control what she bites. It is natural for puppies to bite as it is their way of playing and also to ease the pain of teething. Get plenty of chew sticks and toys and have her tug on them instead of biting you and praise her when she is chewing on the toys. When she tries to bite you, a light tap on the nose and a firm NO.

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