My Dog Sometimes Growls At My Husband, How Can We Stop Him?


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I have to disagree with rajeshshri. Your dog believes that he outranks your husband, that is why he is growling at him. A dog that knows it's place does not growl at it's owners. Talking softly to him will only make him even more sure that he can boss your husband.

Your husband needs to practice behaving assertively around the dog, speaking (if at all) in a confident and firm way. Watch "the dog whisperer" or go to his website for more tips.
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Rajesh Shri answered
Growling is a common canine behavior and the causes may be numerous. However, when it is a particular person it is growling at, the cause should be ascertained as soon as possible. If it is growling only sometimes, you should try to find out the commonality in these occasions such as does this happen at a particular time of the day or when inside a particular room etc. If such a commonality is seen, try some changes in environment and it could help.

Sometimes it may be because the dog is jealous of your husband and trying to protect you. In this case, your husband should try to talk to the dog softly to pacify him. You should be involved in this process and show the dog that you are in charge and you do not approve of his growling. However, if this behavior persists, then you should consult a veterinarian to get further advice as persistent growling could be dangerous.

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