Does Inbreeding Between Pit Bulls Have A Detrimental Affect On The Puppies Health And Personality? My Friend Is Thinking About Breeding Her Dogs Which Are A Brother And Sister.


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This is a very bad idea. Lines that are that close together should never be crossed. The puppies will have major defects,they may not physical but is okay to breed mother and son or father and daughter it is still inbreeding no matter how you look at it. It is not a good idea at all she should find a unrelated male to breed to her female to.
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You know how people aren't supposed to incest? Well animals are the same way . When people incest the children have mental problems and possibly physically problems as well . It's all to do with genetics and the same genes being crossed . This is also why mix breed dogs usually have less health problems than purebred dogs do. So to clarify it is not a very good idea to incest dogs!!
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Thanks. That is what I had told her but others have been saying otherwise. I will show her these answers.
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They are physically capable so if you have a pair like that they should be fixed. Genetically that pairing is the worst. You shouldn't breed related dogs as it often pulls the negative genes to the front and 'fixes' them to the line and the resulting pups are often affected by whatever the line is carrying. There are very few people that can line breed properly, they are experts in genetics, the dogs are health tested to the max, they usually keep the offspring and test them fully and they don't breed closely related dogs usually. There is a difference between line breeding and inbreeding and many people end up inbreeding and use line breeding as an excuse (which the new families often pay the price for down the road). Brother and sister is NEVER acceptable.
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Very bad idea. If your friend does this he or she is taking a chance on the pup being crazy birth defects and so on. You should not do this with any breed. I wish they would not allow any kind of incest breeding.
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I have a female as a result of inbreeding and she suffers now from derma dex or dermatitis, sometimes is a headache put she doesnt have the fault. But is not easy dealing with dogs with problems in the skins
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Inbreeding (what that is called) is not recommended. It causes distemper and you can't sell them as pure cause they're not quality animals. Make good pets but worthless for'll end up with animals like the family of "the hills have eyes". ( who's relatives actually live at 808 concord stage rd weare nh)
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Dude tell him/her no this very bad. Some kennels breed parents to kids and this is bad enough. Do not do this their could be pups with major health problems or birth defects.
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I have heard of brother/sister-parent/offspring matings resulting in abnormal aggressiveness as well. I agree, it is a a very bad idea.
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My pitbull is inbred and I think something is wrong with him. I'm not sure what but he whines a lot and he bit me yesterday. He's only 12 weeks old. I'm not sure what to do but a veternary visit I think will help.
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Yes I know cus my roomate had one and sweet dog but health problems ex wouldnt grow to normal size and bad heart problems went to take it to get fixed and due to bad heart it never woke up
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I say you friend should go mate with his mom if he s a dude or with her dad if she s a girl let the baby be born and see if the baby turns out ok if it does then yes breed the dogs but if it s not healthy then no don t breed the dogs

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