What Happens When You Mix A Blue Pitbull With A Red Nose Pitbull?


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Both blue pitbulls and red nose pitbulls are popular dog breeds. Many people across the United States of America choose to keep pitbulls as pets due to their friendly demeanor and attractive appearance. If you were to breed a blue pitbull and a red nose pitbull, you would get a cross breed pitbull; this would be 50 per cent blue pitbull and 50 per cent red nose pitbull. In the majority of cases, the resulting puppies will have the appearance of blue pitbulls as they have more genetic dominance. But around 25 per cent of puppies will resemble red nose pitbulls. No problems have been found with the breeding of these two types of pitbull dogs; as they are both pitbulls, they are highly compatible. The resulting puppies would no doubt make lovely pets - although remember that puppy litters can be large. Before breeding, make sure you have the capacity to look after up to seven extra dogs appropriately.

It should also be noted that cross breed blue and red nose pitbull dogs are not particularly valuable, as they are not of pure breed. Therefore producing puppies to sell would not be advisable. You may struggle to find the dogs new homes - to avoid having to send them to a dog shelter, or even the pound, bear in mind that you could end up needing to look after the puppies for a reasonably long period of time before they are sold. As some consider pitbulls to be aggressive (which in some cases they are) the authorities often decide to put the dogs down.  If you are looking to make some money from breeding, breed similar dogs together. Pure breed blue pitbulls and red nose pitbulls alike can be sold for hundreds of pounds.
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You are such an idiot blue and red aren't a breed or a type of pit bull it's just the color of the dog
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I just had a liter 9 weeks ago mom is a bluenose brindle and dad is a rednose brindle they puppies all were brindle littlest puppy out of 8 is 10 lbs at 9 weeks the boy i kept is 21 lbs at 9 weeks all muscle
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My Male red nose pitbull and female blue pitbull just had puppies. I got 4 red nose pits, 1 blue, and a blue brindle. The 4 red nose 2 are the fawn coloring of the father mixed with white markings. 1 is completely the color of the father and the other is black and white. The blue brindle is the tan and dark mix and the last looks exactly like the mother. I got a nice mixture of the two hope this helps.
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Red nose and blue nose are not different breeds of pitbull, American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier are different breeds. The nose color only indicates physical traits. Just like if a person a green eyes has a child with some one with brown eyes. Do a little more research before you start breeding your dog. Not saying anything to sound rude or mean, but I raise, train, and rescue Pitbulls and other bully type dogs after people try to breed them and they don't sell. It bothers me to see breeders and pet owners that are not properly educated about their dogs.
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In regards to color you cannot tell what color the will be. I had a black and white female mate with a fawn and white male and the puppies came out brindle, fawn and black, fawn and white, black and white, and one was all white.
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It just means that it's parents would have been different, still pure but one probably had a red nose and the other a blue nose (which is actually a black nose). It still means your dog is purebred pitbull, that's like when I got my pitbull, I had pick of the litter and half of the pups had black noses and the other half red noses.
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Blue nose and red nose are both recessive, you can get a number of colors depending what each parent carries and then which genes each pup gets.

If one parent has genes for blue nose and the other is red nose with genes for blue nose you would have blue nose pups but NO red nose.
If one has red nose and the other is blue nose with genes for red nose you will get pups with red nose but NO blue nose.
If one is red nose not carrying genes for blue and the other is blue not carrying genes for red you will get all black nose
If you have a red nose carrying blue nose and a blue nose carrying red nose you will likely get some which inherit both from their parents and be what is termed as lilac and commonly known as issabella in other breeds.

Coat colors if course will vary dependent on those genes too.

Also the term mix is usually used when breeding two different breeds and not dogs of a different color within the same breed.
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You could get any kind. I have a black & white blue nose pit. His mother is red nose; all red & the dad is a blue nose; blue and white. He mated with the same kind of female; came out with a little of black/white; fawn and blue
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A red nose a d blue nose. Are merely color references. Its no different than breeding a yellow lab to a black lab. You may get a dilute color referred to as "purple" but its nothing special and often comes with skin conditions much like the blue nose often have...breeding for color in a working breed is not an especially intelligent idea...
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It is just a gimmick to make it sound like a different breed of pits but they are all them same. Most people buy pits for the look of the parents and do not realize you will not achieve this massive dog easy ,first it take two years to properly mature. Then you can start to weight train them. I see too many puppies that people strap weighs too in hopes the will get bigger. Would you strap a weight to a 7 yr old no!! Let the dog grow the when he is an adult you can train him  
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Honestly, people. You can get any color of dog from a pit bull breeding. This is because they carry the traits for all different colors. The only color that they were looked down on for was solid white but it is now becoming more popular and it is actually accepted by UKC and AKC for the staffordshire terrier. The color of the dogs nose is actually depenant on the dogs coat color. Most dogs that have a red coat are going to have a red or flesh colored nose while most black dogs will have a black nose and etc.
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Miami blue is a bloodline. Red is the color of the dog. So the dog will just look like a red (brown) pitbull.
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I hope you ment to say fine but the answer is yes, as long as these two dogs are in good condition. If you like how the two dogs look then you should like the pups.
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MIXED..... Thats pignatations, in lips, nose paw pads. Blue nose is darker, red nose is lighter, the lighter the worse skin problems they have. Thats a skin problem you will be breeding into puppies and they will carry that pignatations.

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